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Jimmy Wales, co-founder of Wikipedia, has set up a new social media platform called WT Social. In this article, we aimed to explain “What is WT Social?” and “How does it work?“. This new social network is candidate to be an indispensable part of our life like Wikipedia and the other social media sites.

Wikipedia is one of the most popular and most used websites in the world that produces the most widely used content for the benefit of humanity. And it also enables users to produce content.

According to the statements of Jimmy Wales, WT Social will survive with donations from members. The new social platform built as a rival to Facebook is in continuity with the leading ones.

Jimmy Wales, co-founder of Wikipedia, has launched a new news-focused social platform. Wales has announced that the WT Social platform already has more than 160,000 members.

Donation, But No Advertising

The new platform, seen as a rival to Facebook, “will not sell user data and try to survive with users’ donations instead of ads,” he said.

Those who want to join the platform will be put on the WT Social waiting list first and will be asked to invite other users. Or, those who want to be a user can choose the paid membership option.

WT Social stated that it is a news-oriented platform and that members can change misleading titles.

Articles Can Be Read

Users will be able to see articles shared by members in their networks. First, the newest article at the top, then the other articles will be seen with the algorithm set according to the interests.

WT Social Cost: Membership is £ 10 per month in the UK and £ 80 per year. 12 euros per month in Europe, 90 euros per year, 13 dollars per month in the United States, 100 dollars per year.

The following statement is in the introduction message on the registration page of WT Social:

“We will empower you to make your own choices about what content you are served, and to directly edit misleading headlines, or flag problem posts.”

Screenshot of the registration of WT Social

Jimmy Wales, in an interview with the Financial Times newspaper, stated that preferred by the major social networks “advertising-driven business models” was problematic. “With this model, the highest winners are those who offer the lowest quality content” he said.

In 2017, Wales set up the Wikitribune news platform and it was dealing with to fight counterfeit news. But in October 2018, the platform had to run down the service.

WT Social is different from Wikipedia

WT Social is a separate entity from Wikipedia. Social media consultant Zoe Cairns says the platform needs to increase its numbers as quickly as possible in order to stand up against its giant competitors. “Too much money should be spent. People are very accustomed to free social media. Companies can pay for it, but people are accustomed to free access to the news with their fingertips,” he said.

WT Social has a simple interface for now. In the interface of the new social network news and comments below them can be seen. The news is a major part of this new social platform. Wales’ previous project, WikiTribune, is a global news site where professional journalists and citizens can contribute together.

Jimmy Wales’s goal is to emphasize the fight against counterfeit news in both WT Social and WikiTribune and to put evidence-based networking up against shares that focus on interaction in the other social media networks. In every story shared in WT Social, sources, and references are highlighted, as well as where the article comes from.

SubWiki in WT Social

You can also follow the topics called SubWiki. You can also add hashtags to published stories and make the story appear in more than one SubWiki. WT Social’s stream is currently chronologically ranked. However, developers are also considering adding a voting system to the social network to help users see better content.

It is very difficult to be rivals to social media giants Facebook and Twitter. Google has tried this before and was defeated. Instead of this, Jimmy Wales is aiming for a community of fewer people who are aiming for more meaningful content. So Wales is not anxious about donations.

In a statement to the Financial Times, Wales exemplified Netflix as proof that people would agree to pay for meaningful content. Time will show if Wales’ approach is correct.

You can sign up for WT Social by clicking here.

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