Whatsapp Blue Tick. How To Hide?

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How to remove WhatsApp blue tick? The question is quite curious. It is possible to hide the WhatsApp blue tick feature, which allows the other person to know if you have read the conversation. So how to remove the blue tick? Here is the step-by-step WhatsApp blue tick remove guide…

Whatsapp, which has more than 1 billion users all over the world, has been the subject of the blue tick feature that has been published in recent years. The blue ticks feature, which states that users’ messages have been read, is reacted by users. However, this feature can be turned off optionally. The blue tick feature that started in Whatsapp, the most popular messaging application in the world, started big discussions among the users. The update was released in a short period of time because not removing the feature was reacted. With this update, it became possible to turn off blue tick information on Android and iOS devices.

Blue Tick Removing Guide

Step 1: Enter WhatsApp. Click the “Settings” from the submenu that you can each by three-point that is on the top right-hand corner of the screen.

Step 2: Click on “Account” in the Settings menu and enter “Privacy”.

Step 3: Turn off the “Read receipts” option in the Privacy section.

After performing the above operations, the “Read Info” will no longer be forwarded to the opposite user as well as the blue click.

What Is This Feature?

If you have received the message sent to you in WhatsApp and have not read that message, the ticks remain as the classic gray color as before. But if you click on and view the message, the opposite user’s tick turns to blue color. This means that the sent message has been read.

If you see two blue ticks (check marks) next to the message you sent, it means that the person you chat has read your message. Checkmarks in group chats or bulk messages will only be blue when all participants have read your message.

In Whatsapp, the “gray ticks” next to the messages indicated whether the messages were sent to the sender or not, but it was not known whether the person read the message or not. This feature seems to be reacted by people. Sometimes we don’t want to talk to our relatives, we’re not available or we don’t want to. However, the new feature in WhatsApp will prevent you from using the initiative. Whether or not messages were sent in WhatsApp was cleared by two tick marks. Even if you read the message, the other users did not understand whether you had read the message. But now, as soon as you read the message with the new update, “Blue tick” sign appears on the screen.

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