What is Social Media? And What Brings To Our Lives…

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Social Media has an important place in our lives and affects our lives deeply. But what is social media? What does it mean? What are the tools that social media use? and what are the things that social media brings to our life? In our article, we aimed to give detailed information about the answers to these questions that comes to mind.

What is Social Media?

The information shared on the websites has been presented unilaterally from the beginning of the internet. Internet users, on the other hand, reached these websites through various means and consumed the information again unilaterally. The functioning of traditional media, which continues to exist today, has been applied in the same way in internet sharing. It continued unilaterally and without the contribution of those on the receiving side of communication. However, since the transition of the internet structure from web 1.0 to web 2.0, a structure has emerged in which users can contribute to the content offered.

The interaction of the media has a double-sided structure. With this change, websites that users can participate in have begun to emerge. The beginning of the web 2.0 structure was with the help of blogs. Users started to comment and provide feedback on the content posted on blogs. With the developing media structure, these contents and websites have grown rapidly, revealing a new media type called social media. Thus, a huge media network has been developed in which users can create their content, follow the content created by other users and comment on them.

What Does Social Media Mean?

Social media is basically a structure that allows users to make a share. People share their thoughts, activities, likes, and different events in their lives with other people with the help of this media type. With the spread of this media, the life of the individual has become more open to the masses. On the contrary, the use of social media has increased for the masses to reach individuals. Institutions that organize social assistance activities see social media as the easiest way to reach more individuals. The fact that the interaction is measurable provides an easy way to determine whether this type of communication is successful.

Thus, users find the opportunity to make changes later by determining the strategies they will follow based on their feedback. It would not be wrong to say that this type of media means sharing and interaction. Although it is discussed that there are some damages brought to our lives besides the benefits of social media, it is an important advantage that the users’ shares can be accessed directly and quickly by the masses. The fact that communication was provided quickly also facilitated the achievement of the targeted goals as a result of interaction and communication. Spreading the information you want to share in social media greatly increases the chance of reaching it to other internet users.

Both Information Sharing and Information Acquisition

Social media is important and necessary not only to share but also to obtain information. It is very useful for users to follow the developments in the local, national or global area, to monitor the changes instantly. For example; Before planning the investments they will make, business people can access the necessary information and make the necessary analysis on the subjects they will invest. Thus, users can increase the success rate in their work. Because consumers have also become productive individuals through social media. An entrepreneur has acquired a new service based on the online feedback of consumers who use the product they put on the market.

Consumers have actually become the producer of a new service with their feedback. This feedbacks not only provide information to users who will choose the product but also inform the entrepreneur about the aspects from which they should improve their product. Thus, the entrepreneur can develop a more user-oriented structure by developing his product. Other users can determine the positive and negative aspects of the product they choose and make their decisions according to these variables.

What are the tools?

The tools that social media use to maintain its interactive structure are generally similar in every platform. These tools have emerged in accordance with the needs of the users. It has the effect of facilitating the use of websites and social interaction. Users need to create a user account to share using their personal information on social media. Websites enable social interaction to be created through these accounts. An individual who creates the user account interacts with other user accounts by producing content on different topics with his own account. User accounts are important to determine who added the information to the website and who accessed this information.

Profile pages that allow individuals creating user accounts to add more detailed personal information are available on almost all social media sites. The age, birthplace, career, personal likes or preferences of the user who provides social interaction on the site are presented to other users with the help of these profile pages. Users’ posts are also usually on these pages. When other users want to reach all the shares of a person, they reach their profile pages. Social media contains communication tools that allow users to communicate privately with each other.

Messaging applications, private message sending applications on the websites are tools created for this purpose. Features such as making friends, following up and forming groups on popular social media sites are also used as communication tools. The hashtag tool, which allows people who share about a certain subject, to come together, enables the masses to share their thoughts on the same subject. It enables users who think about the same subject to share or create groups by creating a common title.

Personalization And Managing

With personalization tools, users can make their own settings on social media platforms. They can customize and make edits by sharing their photos and videos on their profile page. They can manage their friends or followers. Today, most platforms offer privacy and personalization features that allow users to approve people who can follow them. These features make it easier for individuals and organizations to manage their social media platforms. All these tools and features make the use of social media more efficient for users. The development of these tools is increasing day by day and social media platforms have become more user-oriented structure.

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Famous and Most Popular Platforms


It was founded in 2004 by Mark Zuckerberg for Harvard students can communicate with each other. Then, it was opened to everyone with some age restrictions. Since then, it has become the most visited social media site in the world. Today, it has nearly 2 billion users.


It is a video hosting website owned by Google. It was originally founded by PayPal employees in 2005 but was purchased by Google in 2006. YouTube; provides the ability to watch, share and upload videos. It has more than 1 billion users.


It is a social media site that provides free photo and video sharing. Founded in October 2010, Instagram was acquired by Facebook in 2012. You can share your photos and videos with your followers with the filters you prefer on Instagram. The number of users today is over 500 million.


It is a social network that allows people to share their posts with 140 characters. It has been used since 2006. You can share text, photos, videos, GIFs, etc. via Twitter, which is called the SMS of the digital world. Today it has over 300 million users.


It is a social network managed by Google, also known as Google Plus, and it also offers an authentication service. It is Google’s biggest social networking initiative and seen as Facebook’s rival. Today it has over 500 million users and offers many different services.


Reddit is a social news site. Users who use Reddit have the opportunity to upload their own content to the site or to share links. In addition, they can comment on the content and they can rate the content with the up and down buttons. Founded in 2005, Reddit switched to open source code in 2008 and has been asking $3.99 membership fee since 2010. Today it has reached almost 250 million users.


Ask.fm; is a virtual question and answer platform. In other words, anyone you want, don’t want, know or do not know can ask you questions through this application. Established in 2010 and ask.fm has 160 million users today.


Tumblr, founded by David Karp in 2007, is a social network and blog site. Tumblr, purchased by Yahoo in 2013, has become the fastest growing social media site in 2015. The number of users today is more than 115 million.


It is a photo-sharing site owned by Yahoo. Flickr did not provide video sharing in the early days of its establishment, but it has allowed this since 2008. This social network, which has become a photo warehouse especially for bloggers, has more than 112 million users today.


Established for easier communication with business people, LinkedIn was launched in 2003. Bought by Microsoft in 2016. LinkedIn has more than 100 million users today.


All kinds of visual sharing can be done on Pinterest. It joined social media platforms in 2010 and usually, women use it. It is used by more than 100 million people today.


It is a social network that makes group meetings easier. Users who are members of the Meetup website can come together with many different interests. It has more than 25 million users.

Social Media and New Areas

Social media is now in every area of our lives and affects our lives deeply. Movies about social media are being shot, new brands and new professions are emerging such as online jobs. One of the most popular areas is digital marketing. Trade through websites has become a part of social networking platforms with the expansion of social media. Thus, a wide market network has been formed. In addition, thanks to new tools that make it easier to analyze the data on the internet, it is easier for entrepreneurs who want to sell their products to find out which audiences they can reach and how much interest they receive. Social media is preferred due to the opportunity to trade all over the countries and even internationally.


Journalists who provide information and news make their jobs by giving great importance on digital platforms because changing conditions in our age require people to access information as quickly as possible. Digital journalism, or digital media, continues its development as a new type of journalism. Journalists who want to deliver their newsworthy information to the masses in the fastest way make their news via social media instead of traditional media methods. By creating their own blogs, they can get the opportunity to address their own audiences by sharing qualified content.

Users also prefer to read blogs on social media instead of news programs broadcast on traditional media at certain times. The use of social media is also very important to create a personal image. When users want to do their own business without being connected to a company, they can reach their followers by opening their own websites. They can increase their preference rate by sharing their previous work.

What is Social Media Expertise?

Today, a new type of profession called social media expertise has emerged and continues its development rapidly. It is necessary to have some information in order to correctly evaluate the new opportunities provided by social media and to benefit from the usage. When current job opportunities are examined, it can be seen that many companies are looking for qualified employees in this field. To reach comprehensive information about social media, you can improve yourself in this field by participating in the social media education programs that you can find even on the internet.

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