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Social media professions is a term that has entered our lives with becoming widespread of computers, tablets, smartphones, internet, and therefore social media, which dominates all areas of our lives. The fact that social media is at the center of our lives has led to the emergence of many professions related to social media. In this article, we wanted to give information about the effects of social media on our life and the professions it has created.

The audience, who is only in a passive condition with traditional media tools, now experiences being a participant and an active user with new media, social media. Smartphones offer ease of access to the internet, without considering space and time. However, new problems emerge every day on social media platforms where there are many interactions and transactions.

Are We Addicted To Social Media?

May we be fell into a trap because of our acceptance and approval instincts? Can’t we notice that we are turning into people who are proud, needing approval, and escaping emotional problems? In the focus of developing communication technologies, we are actually evaluating the results of our experience of being an active user on social media.

Effects on Our Daily Life

Social sciences began studying at the academic level in the early 20th century. The definition of social media entered our lives in the 21st century. So everything is actually very new. We started to talk about the sociological and psychological effects of new communication technologies on individual and collective terms.

With the widespread use of social media and the development of communication technologies, the legal configurations of cybersecurity and personal data protection have entered our lives. The time we spend on the internet, the interactions we have on social media, our footprints left in the virtual environment and the results of these are among the new research topics. We are in fact both the users and the witnesses of a process that progress with the widespread use of communication tools and technological development.

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Social Media Professions
Social Media Professions (pixabay)

What Has Changed?

The role of social media is changing day by day in our life. We are experiencing an era where social media alerts replace the street vendor. Some of us also experienced traditional media communication, some of us came across the period when only social media was actively used. We are getting used to the fact that different generations are together in a new communication area by social media.

The time we all spend on the internet and the tools we use differ according to dynamics such as age, education, and culture. Recent raising of awareness also brings diversity among social media users. Approaching the development and technology that emerged in this period from the bad side can go up to being deprived of new communication techniques.

We are trying to adapt to a new structure at the center of all this development and transformation. In this process, we also learn how to remove social media from being an addiction and making it one of the effective communication tools.

We learn the forms of communication on new platforms and the rules in the long and short term. We are rapidly transforming while trying to adapt to this process. As long as we are aware of our own identity and our needs, we can alleviate the side effects of new technology and social media. Actually, we started to turn this side effect into a positive one.

Over time, we turn from active users of the Internet and social media to conscious users. Thanks to the new media, we can receive online training that will contribute to our personal development. While we are part of the transformation to mitigate the effects we are exposed to, we also play a role as transducers. Even today, many social media users are also social media publishers.

Social Media And New Professions

Today people use social media for professions also. Users who became well-known people by following the steps related to the personal branding process turned the fields such as digital marketing or social media expertise into a profession. With your social media skills, you can find a position in a social media management company suitable for your skills. And you can also do these professions as a freelance. These freelance social media jobs, offer people the opportunity to do these professions from their homes and earn money with their social media channels.

By changing the role of social media in our life, it also brings new social media jobs. These jobs are also called digital marketing professions or internet marketing professions. But what jobs involve social media?

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Professions That Can Be Done On Social Media

Social media is rapidly growing, transforming and developing with new applications and channels at any moment and includes the most preferred business areas today. In social media, where continuous learning is essential, the process points to a pleasant and forward-looking career for the people. We have researched what professions use on social media and social media marketing professionals you can do for you.

Social media, especially Y generation employees, has become indisputable in terms of brands as well as users. It is no longer possible to talk about a business atmosphere where social media strategy is not developed for companies, brands, and products. This situation caused many different business areas to derive from social media. There are many positions and job opportunities for those who want to pursue a career in social media.

Social Media Professions
Social Media Professions (pixabay)

Here are the business areas for those who want to work on social media:

Social Media Expertise

What do social media specialists do? A social media specialist is the person responsible for managing social media accounts created for a product, service, or channel. You can see this profession in some pages as social media manager or social media account manager. What is social media manager job description? Social media specialist;

  • Creates the social media accounts to be used by the company within the framework of its duties and responsibilities,
  • Follows social networks regularly,
  • Improves the social media accounts by following competitor on social channels,
  • Determines the strategy by doing all the necessary researches for social media,
  • Performs monitoring operation,
  • Enables the creation of advertisements on social channels,
  • It organizes activities that will attract customers such as campaigns, raffles.

If you enjoy working in the digital world and you are one of the candidates who think that you can overcome social media management and take the responsibility of performing crisis management, we can say that social media expertise is just for you.

Social Media Strategist

One of the professions along social media careers is social media strategist. They make social media planning in line with the goals of the company and department. Social media strategist investigates what content will be beneficial for the brand in which social media platforms are included during the year. According to the strategic plans, it is targeted the visibility of the brand on social media and its return to the company as prestige and revenue.

Social Media Event Specialist

Another profession that you can work in the field of digital media is social media event expertise. For the purpose of the company, it is responsible for the activities carried out both physically and online. Generally, we can say that it is a close profession for those who are responsible for event management in corporate communication departments. But if you are not in a great digital media team usually social media experts can also perform these tasks.

Social Media Legal Consultant

Usually, lawyers support companies in this regard, but if you are working in a large structure, one of the professions you will hear is social media law consultancy. Often, they provide protection of copyright and other brand-related issues in social networks. For example, you will perform a raffle in your social networks. It is the person who directs the brand by determining whether it will be performed through the notary, designating the conditions, the necessary and unnecessary situations.

Digital Media Supervisor

The digital media supervisor concerns the video and visual parts of social media. Manages video and publishing platforms.


Today, every brand has a blog page, from the biggest to the smallest one. Bloggers are people who produce content for brand pages rather than personal blog pages. When necessary, they aim to attract visitors to the website and blog by producing content with relevant keywords in accordance with SEO. They often produce promotional or informative content for the brand’s products and services.

Brand Manager

Brand manager specializing according to product category manages the brand representation processes in channels such as Facebook, Twitter, blogs or forums. A brand manager works with social media experts.

Social Media Community Manager

Social media community managers, mostly in large companies, follow the processes in terms of social media followers. The inclination of customers is measured with various tools such as surveys and researches, and the necessary improvements are made.

Content Strategist

In the content strategy, the target content is to be suitable for the product and to contribute to the product. For this, the content strategist follows popular trends, explores how content can be improved and develops content marketing strategy to increase the sales volume of the product.

Content Manager

The content manager is the person who creates the content suitable for the product, subject, channel and followers. He/she closely follows the foreign content and agenda on a similar subject and tries to develop the most accurate content suitable for the followers with the help of measurement tools and social media management platform. These people can usually be editors, bloggers or journalists. The content manager is responsible for producing effective texts suitable for the followers.

SEO Expertise

SEO expertise is one of the most popular and most wanted professions in the digital field, They are responsible for raising the website to the top ranks on the internet without advertising to Google. The SEO specialist deals with on-site and off-site SEO of the website. It tries to achieve the highest ranking with the optimum budget for the company. He/she uses a variety of strategies and methods to put the website in top rankings on Google searches on company-specified keywords.

Google Adwords Account Manager

With the popularity of Google Ads, another profession that takes place in digital media appears as Adwords Account Manager. Adwords account managers provide to screen the website, a specific page or a campaign on the Google Search Network, Google Display Network, and Videos, etc. in keywords specified within the monthly and annual budgets of companies.

Other Positions On Social Media Professions

  • Art Director
  • Brand Advocate
  • Content Creator
  • Copywriter
  • Customer Service Representative
  • Digital Marketing Manager
  • Engagement Coordinator
  • Film And Video Editor
  • Graphic Designer
  • Hackers or Security Specialist
  • Market Research Analyst
  • Online Communication Director
  • Promotions Manager
  • Public Relations Manager
  • Public Relations Specialist
  • Social Media Analyst
  • Social Media Marketing Manager
  • Social Media Specialist

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