Shepherd’s Pie Recipe

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Shepherd’s Pie Recipe. Here is a great and delicious recipe one of the most searching and traditional dishes all over the world, especially in England.

What is the difference between cottage pie and shepherd’s pie? Shepherd’s Pie, is a typical English dish, traditionally made with mutton. Americans make this dish with veal. This version, made with veal, is called “cottage pie’ in England.

Shepherd’s Pie is a casserole meal; baked meat and vegetables are put into the casserole and then baked with mashed potatoes above

Maybe you want to try this delicious dish… in addition to the original recipe, We also added some vegetables.


  • 700 gr ground mutton
  • 1 chopped onion
  • 200-400gr vegetables – chopped carrots, corn, peas etc.
  • 700gr-1 kg potatoes (up to 3 large potatoes)
  • 100gr butter
  • 100 ml broth
  • Salt, pepper, other spices according to your taste

How to Make Shepherd’s Pie

Peel the potatoes, cut into four pieces, boil in salted water (about 20 minutes).

While the potatoes are boiled, melt the 50 gr butter in the pan.

Add the onions to the butter and brown over high heat (about 10 minutes). If you add vegetables, first add the carrot with the onions; then add the corn and peas just before onions cooked.

Add the ground mutton to the onions and vegetables and brown. Add salt and pepper. And finally, add the broth. Cook at low heat for 10 minutes as the lid open. If it drains too much, you can add some more broth.

Mash the potatoes with the remaining butter and add spices as desired.

Spread the ground mutton-vegetable-onion mixture in a casserole. Spread mashed potatoes on them. It doesn’t need to be too smooth. Drill some parts with forks, so these points gonna be crunchy.

Bake for about 30 minutes in the oven, which was previously heated to 200 ° C, until its color change. Before the end of the cooking time, sprinkle some cheddar cheese on it if you wish.

Bon Appetit!

PS: Image of the post cited from Moms Who Think

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