Pre-pregnancy diet

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Pre-pregnancy diet

A healthy pre-pregnancy diet is a very important issue for all those plan to conceive, mother candidates. But why is nutrition important before pregnancy? What not to eat or what to eat before getting pregnant? In this article, we aimed to give tips for a healthy pre-pregnancy diet and answers to questions like these.

It is recommended that all candidates who wish to become mothers should be careful about their pre-pregnancy nutrition and sleep pattern in the same period. Because pre-conception nutrition is important for the development of the baby in the womb. The well-being of mothers is also very important for a smooth and healthy pregnancy period. Before mentioning on pre-pregnancy nutrition considerations, let’s talk about a few things related to nutrition.

The points that women should pay attention before pregnancy

Before getting pregnant, mother candidates have to pay attention to some important points in addition to nutrition. These are:

Pre-pregnancy weight;

Being very low or overweight before pregnancy will cause various risks for the baby and for the mother’s health. The mother candidate’s pre-pregnancy weight has a direct effect on the baby’s birth weight. So keeping the weight at the normal level would be correct.

Getting rid of any harmful habits;

Alcohol, smoking or caffeine-type habits should be abandoned.

Pay attention to the use of folic acid;

The use of folic acid approximately 3 months before getting pregnant is extremely important for a healthy pregnancy and the prevention of developmental disorders. With folic acid, green leafy vegetables should be consumed profusely with the decision of getting pregnant.

Take as much vitamin as you need daily;

Iron, calcium, vitamin C are essential vitamins for the development of the baby. Therefore, it is appropriate to prepare the body for pregnancy with these vitamins from pre-pregnancy. If possible, take vitamins from natural sources.

Pay attention to liquid consumption;

The body needs liquid consumption for using the nutrients.

What the things you should consider about nutrition before pregnancy

Pay attention to nutrients before pregnancy is very important both for the mothers to prepare their bodies and for the development of the baby. Therefore, the nutrients should be considered in terms of their vitamins and benefits for health. When mother candidates consider this situation;

  • They must consume red meat, chicken meat, fish, eggs and white beans which containing vitamin B, zinc, iron and protein. The amounts of these nutrients should be adjusted according to the daily vitamins and nutritional values.
  • They should consume the nutrients which are rich in protein and calcium. Such as milk, cheese, yogurt, and dairy products.
  • Taking omega3 is very important for the baby’s mental development. So it will be beneficial to consume walnuts and fish profusely.
  • In terms of containing vitamin A, vitamin C, potassium and plenty of fiber, they consume fruits on condition that it is not excessive.
  • they should also consume vegetables with high nutritional value in terms of iron and magnesium, besides vitamin A, vitamin C, and folic acid,
  • In terms of vitamin B and for the body needs, carbohydrates should also be consumed.

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