Plants that Clean Lung

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There are some plants that clean lung in our environment and actually we can reach these plants easily. These plants not only clean lung but also are good for many other diseases and disorders. Usually, we neglect to eat and add these plants to our meals but actually we always have to make available them on our kitchen and table.

The vitamins, minerals, and antioxidants are necessary to protect the lung provide oxygen to the cells with every breath and they should be taken through foods. What are these foods and the best plants to clean the lungs?

Carob detoxifies the lungs

To be healthy, first, the lungs must be free of toxins. Carob, besides many amazing benefits, is a nutrient that detoxifies the lungs. Carob, which cleanses the lung and has a protective effect against cancer, can be consumed by boiling with water. There are many studies showing that carob also benefits in the healing process of asthma and similar lung diseases.

A natural antibiotic to the lungs, garlic

It is one of the nutrients that support the lungs, the most important organ of the respiratory system, to function at full capacity. Garlic, which has an antibiotic effect, is protective against lung cancer with many vitamins it contains. You can consume a clove of garlic or raw garlic at every meal by cooking with vegetables, it can contribute to clean the lungs as a natural antibiotic.

Ginger removes harmful substances from the lungs

Due to factors such as polluted air and smoking, the lungs may lose health over time. In addition to avoiding all these bad factors, the power of nutrients should be used to clean the lungs. Ginger is one of the important nutrients for lung clearance. Ginger helps to remove toxins and particles that may be dangerous to the lung. You can consume as brewing tea or by keeping in water. Put a piece of ginger and a pinch of garden cress in a liter of water and consume up to 2 cups each day. This can contribute to the cleaning of the lungs.

Garden cress, green power stops uncontrolled cells

It contains folic acid, iron, calcium, linoleic fatty acid, and C-E-A vitamins, which is a must for the lungs. Among the green foods, it is especially effective in cleaning the lungs. It prevents the formation of uncontrolled cells in the lungs with vitamins and minerals. It contains and creates a protective effect against cancer. After being washed under hygienic conditions, it can be consumed directly as a salad. After washing, it can be kept in water for a while and then the water also can be drunk.

Grapeseed is a strong antioxidant

The number of antioxidants in the body should be increased to prevent cancer formation. Grapeseed or extract, which is a powerful antioxidant, has a protective effect against lung cancer by providing the body needs. It protects the lungs by fighting free radicals generated by the body. Some people remove seeds while eating grapes. However, the seeds of black grapes are the source of health. You should consume with grape seeds.

Seasonal vegetable celery should be on your dinner table

Celery is an important food that plays a protective role, especially in lung cancer. Celery, which has a negative effect on the formation of many carcinogenic substances, cleans the lungs when cooked as vegetable food or consumed raw in salads. It provides a protective effect against diseases that may occur in the lungs and nitrosamines. You consume celery in your meals during the season, 2-3 times a week.

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