Pina Colada Recipe

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Pina Colada History

Before Pina Colada Recipe we want to talk about the history of it. Pina Colada is an internationally famous drink, but usually nobody know it appeared in Puerto Rico. However, at this point, the history of piña colada gets a little complicated, because while agreeing on the creation of the drink in San Juan, many claim that it was their own invention. Read on to find out what the whole conflict is about.

Caribe Hilton Hotel, one of the most famous places in San Juan, is where piña colada has stories. On the one hand, the hotel claims that piña colada first served by a bartender named Ramon “Monchito” Marrero in 1954. In the late 1980s, according to Hungry History, Hollywood actress Joan Crawford reportedly declared it was “better than slapping Bette Davis in the face.”

On the other hand, Ricardo Gracia, another bartender at the same hotel, claimed that he invented the drink in 1954, due to the shortage of coconut.

In a third version of the events, Restaurant Barrachina claims to be the birthplace of piña colada and has a plaque at the entrance in memory of its invention. Apparently, the owner of the restaurant convinced a Spanish named Ramon Portas Mingot in Buenos Aires to become a lead bartender, and in 1963 began offering customers the first drink.

Although it is unknown, who exactly invented the famous piña colada, the drink is traveled all over the world and has fans from every coontry.

Pina Colada Recipe. It is an indispensable drink of hot summer days and golden sand beaches. In fact, it doesn’t matter where you are. A great drink that anyone can make easily and quickly who wants flavor and coolness. Here’s the recipe…

Pina Colada Recipe Ingredients:

  • Cracked ice
  • 3 cl White Rum
  • 6 cl Coconut Milk
  • 6 cl Pineapple Juice
  • Pineapple slice to garnish

How It Is Made?

Put rum, coconut milk and pineapple juice in the cocktail mixer with some crushed ice. Shake to mix. Strain into glass and garnish with pineapple slices.

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