Pets, Our Best Friends

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Pets are part of our daily lives and families. They are not only our friends but also provide emotional and physical support. The fact that more and more people want to adopt pets is proof of this.

Foundation of animal love in children in babyhood is very important for self-confidence, empathy and raising strong and healthy individuals.

Pets help us get away from negative emotions

Bringing a close friend to your mind after a bad incident helps you feel better. Likewise, it has been suggested that thinking of your pet has the same effect. In a study of 97 pet owners, participants are unknowingly a part of a negative social experience. They are then asked to write an article about their best friends or pets or draw a map of their university campus. This study showed that participants who wrote about their pet or best friend never showed negative emotions and were equally happy even after negative social experiences.

Pets can help reduce the risk of allergies

Contrary to popular belief, having a pet does not make you more sensitive to allergies.

In fact, studies show that having a pet from childhood can reduce the risk of animal allergies in later periods. In studies conducted on young adults, it was found that people who have a pet in their homes during infancy are approximately 50% less likely to develop an allergic reaction to animals. According to this; It can be said that pet feeding in the family with children (if there is no existing allergy) does not have any disadvantages.

Pets encourage exercising and socializing

Studies show that people who own pets tend to exercise more than other people. At the same time, pet owners were found to be more social and more capable of surviving situations such as loneliness and social isolation. This is true for people of all ages but is said to be especially true for older pet owners.

Pets make us healthier

American Heart Association stated that pets help us be healthier. Having a pet has been shown to regulate blood pressure, lower cholesterol levels, and reduce the risk of developing obesity and cardiovascular diseases. Studies have shown that cat owners are 40% less likely to have a heart attack or stroke than other people. Experts do not yet know exactly how pets “improve” our health, but they are confident that they have improved our health.

Pets help develop self-respect

A study published in the Journal of Personality and Social Psychology in 2011 revealed that pet owners have a higher sense of belonging and are more extraversive than those who do not own pets, as well as their self-confidence. The reason for this may be that the animals make us feel that they need them, or that they are tied to us with unprejudiced and unconditional love.

Pets regulate our lives

Daily walks, creating playtimes, preparing meals and visiting veterinarians regularly … These are some of the activities that a responsible pet owner should do. Thanks to these activities, pets help us bring routine and discipline to our lives. These ordinary jobs become our habits after a while and enable us to be more productive and disciplined in everything we do.

Pets reduce our stress

Companionship with a dog reduces measurable stress on humans and extensive medical research is available on this subject. American Heart Association has conducted a study of people with high blood pressure. Findings they obtained; revealed that patients with pets, when compared to those who do not, can keep their blood pressure low every time they experience stress throughout their lives. Their unconditional love becomes a support system for us whenever we are stressed.


Most likely, in a certain period of our lives, many of us have hosted, fed, and loved a friend with fluffy feathers, four feet, who can not speak much but can tell a lot. Who is this friend? Of course, pets! Pets can become the most beloved, sincere and most entertaining assets of the household in time. Thanks to pets, those who live alone forget their loneliness, while crowded families adopt the animal as if they are members of the family and get used to living with it. With unexpected reactions, cute faces, funny habits, and unique features, we are sure that amongst pets, you all have a favorite.

The list of pets we have prepared for you includes both your favorites and the world’s most popular pets ever. Caution: Our article may contain excessive cuteness. We are telling you!

1. Dogs

Of course, in our list of the most popular pets, dogs are the most loyal friend of people. In addition to being the most preferred pet in the world, dogs that are perfect life partners understand you when you are unhappy, caress your palm with their wet noses and lick your face to lift your spirit. When they know that you are happy, they enjoy as much as you and share your happiness by multiplying. Most importantly, dogs are the most loyal among pets, and they won’t turn their backs on you even when you upset, break or anger them. Especially if your pet is a puppy, all you have to do is to smile at it.

Before beginning to live a dog, you should read our articles about dog training tips and dog toilet training

2. Cats

If dogs are on the top of our list of the most popular pets, cats are also likely to be right up to dog’s arse. Cats are the number one nuisance of dogs and have a special place in the home. Although cats are not as loyal and responsive as dogs, they also have their own ways of showing love and loyalty. If you choose a cat as a pet, you are guaranteed not to be late for work; because your cat wakes up in the morning before you and checks if you are alive to put the food. This control usually consists of climbing on the bed and purring under your nose. Cats are an ideal choice for those who are looking for a quiet, calm, and effortless pet, and who want more or less movement inside the house.

Living with a cat in a house can bring some minor problems to our lives too. For example, if you are suffering from shedding your cat or want to learn how you can clean your cat’s hair, you can read our articles on these topics. Again you can reach detailed information about cleaning your cat’s litter box from our article.

3. Hamsters

Although hamsters were popular animals used for scientific research in the past, these little rats’ residence addresses changed and started to take their place in apartments rather than the laboratory. Hamsters, which are very friendly as pets, are very resistant to diseases and viruses. However, hampsters that can breed frequently have the capacity to present you a new hamster herd every month.

4. Fish

One of the main reasons people choose to feed the fish as a pet in their homes is the peace and tranquility it spreads around. When you watch the fish swimming in an aquarium, you do not understand how time passes, and get lost in thoughts and dreams. Various studies have revealed that watching fish in the aquarium has a relaxing and hypnotic effect on humans. This is one of the reasons why aquariums are used as decors and fish as pets, especially in environments, such as hospitals, doctor examinations, and dentists. Another reason is that the maintenance of the fish is easy and effortless. If you choose the right aquarium, right filter, and right heater, your fish will be friends for a long time. Another advantage of choosing fish as pets is that there are many types, colors, and breeds of fish that you cannot imagine so that you can create a wonderful fish collection.

5. Guinea Pigs

Guinea Pig
Guinea Pig- Cited from unsplash

They have been fed as pets since the 17th century. European aristocratic families of the time often fed guinea pigs as pets. What makes this noble piglet so popular among pets is that it is not prone to bite and has a very warm attitude. Unlike hamsters, guinea pigs do not have habits such as jumping, so they need minimal cage equipment. It is also quite effortless, easy and inexpensive to feed the guinea pigs.

6. Parrots

In general, birds were caged and tamed for the purpose of displaying their beauty about 4,000 years ago. Parrots had an important place, especially in ancient Greek culture. In ancient times, parrots were given as gifts by the rulers and a separate servant was allocated only for their care. The most fun part of feeding parrots as pets today is, of course, their repetition. Imagine; Are there any other pets that can speak the parrot?

7. Budgerigar

Budgerigar-Cited from unsplash

If you say “I can’t deal with the parrot’s jaw,” the budgerigar’s jaw is for you. The budgerigar, with its melodic, song-like sound, is a type of pet that is frequently preferred. When you are taken as a couple and grow up together, budgerigars do not have a lot of conversation with people and do gossip among themselves, But they come to a thick conversation with people only when they are raised alone and trained correctly received enough attention. If you plan to feed budgerigars as pets, the most important thing to know is how you position their cages. Keeping the cage above your waist will make your budgerigar feel comfortable and safe.

8. Snake

Snake-cited from unsplash

We can guess that the snake is one species that you don’t expect to see among popular pet names. But snakes are tamed and fed as pets in the Far East. The snake, which is perhaps the easiest to care for in the list, is fed every 5 to 14 days, depending on its type. Some snake species have a life span of more than 40 years, especially if they receive proper care and attention as pets. In short, your snake can really live more than you.

9. Rabbit

Rabbits also find the place they deserve in our list of animals that can be fed. Your rabbit, which you will keep at home as a pet with proper care, sufficient attention, and love, can be a perfect companion for you. Rabbits, which can easily clean themselves and therefore do not have any bad odor, have a very gentle structure and do not have any features such as biting, scratching or injuring. If properly trained, rabbits do not need to be caged and move dynamically and energetically inside the house, unlike a cat or dog. You can play various pet games with your rabbit and have a great time.

10. Turtle

Terrapin-Cited from pixabay

Turtles, joining the effortless pet caravan on our list, are actually divided into two as tortoise and terrapin. Terrapin, which is born in the size of a small egg and usually sold in pet shop-like places. They can live up to 15 years if they lead a healthy life and can reach the size that will not fit in your palm. Contrary to popular belief, turtles do not move slowly; When they are afraid, scared or perceive any danger, they run fast and start looking for a corner to hide. Since such conditions are not a healthy condition for the turtles’ nervous system, water turtles fed as pets should be kept away from stress.

11. Pet Bonus: Lizard

pets lizard
Lizard-Cited from pixabay

Lizards are shy and timid animals by nature. Therefore, if they are fed as pets, they do not cause much trouble and do not bother you in terms of their care. If you show enough patience and attention, you can earn the trust of your lizard and make your friends. The lizards that can live up to 20 years usually drink freshwater and feed on worm-style food. The only thing you will have difficulty with will be to find pet products for your lizard because it is a very unique and special species. Perhaps the most interesting feature of a lizard is that it drops its tail as a defense mechanism and sleeps during the day and explores at night.

PS: Featured image of the post cited from Pets4Homes

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