Periscope, Twitter… What Is This App and How it works?

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Twitter introduced to social media world, its application Periscope. Periscope, which provides users the opportunity of broadcast live video, was first introduced to the iOS platform and was released for Android after a while. What do you know about the Periscope application, which makes blow up the number of users at once after the arrival of the Android platform? Here is everything you need to know about Periscope for those who don’t know the Periscope app!

What is Periscope?

Periscope is a social platform that enables Twitter to broadcast live videos on the internet. Live videos via Periscope can be viewed by all users

How to Use Periscope With Twitter?

To use the Periscope app, you must first have a Twitter account. After logging in to Periscope with Twitter, you can start using the app and make a broadcast live video.

How to make a live video with Periscope?

To broadcast live video via Periscope, you need to click the camera icon at the bottom of the app.

After clicking on this section, you can select whether your live broadcast is confidential, the location will be notified and it will be shared with Twitter or not and then by clicking “Start Broadcast” you can start to broadcast live video

You can also easily record your live video to your phone with Autosave or “auto recording” option in the settings section of the Periscope application.

Manage your Periscope followers

Periscope is a system based on followers like Twitter. You can follow, block, and receive notifications when your followers start a live video on Periscope. And then you can receive and interact with instant messages from users in live video.

You can download Periscope for android from here and for IOS from here for free.

Tips for using Periscope

Social media has made serious progress in the recent period. In social networks where we made simple shares in a period, we can even broadcast live videos.

Periscope application, which is very successful in the field of broadcasting live video, has become a social media application that attracts attention and is used by millions in the new generation.

So, how to use the Periscope app? What are the lesser-known features of Periscope? In this part of the article, we will explain the little known about Periscope, share tips and important information with details.

How to do periscope heart trick?

With Periscope, sending hundreds of hearts is easy. To send hundreds of hearts quickly with Periscope, all you need to do is using multi-touch support on your smartphone.

Depending on your smartphone’s 5 or 10 fingers support, you can send dozens of hearts in seconds by tapping the screen with all your fingers.

How to understand the account that uses Periscope?

With the Periscope account, just look at the number of hearts if another user is broadcasting. If a user has more than one heart, that user has previously broadcast live video with Periscope.

However, it is very rare that there may be users who have never sent a heart to their publications.

How to increase heart numbers with Periscope?

With Periscope, you can make interesting publications that will help to increase your heart rate. For example, you can make a heart sending competition and give small gifts to the most heart sending user.

In addition, publications such as interesting questions and answers, beautiful girls, cars and holiday environments can be listed as the contents that users can send you heart and you can collect a large number of viewers.

How to become a member of Periscope?

We can say that there is no concept of being a member of Periscope. To use Periscope, all you need is a Twitter account. After installing the Periscope application, you can sign in with your Twitter account and start broadcasting live video.

How to change Periscope account information and profile photo

Since Periscope is linked to your Twitter account, your Periscope profile photo and account information will be retrieved from Twitter. This means that in order to change your Periscope account and profile photo, you need to change your Twitter account and profile photo.

Which phones can you use the Periscope with?

Periscope application is currently available on phones running iOS and Android operating systems. The Periscope app can be used on smartphones and tablets running iOS 7.1 and Android 4.4 or newer ones. You can download the Periscope app free of charge to your smartphone and tablet with the links below.

For IOS :

For Androids :

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