How to Change the Language on Google Chrome?

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Since Google Chrome is the most preferred browser in the world and supports more than 100 languages, one of the most curious issues is “how to change the language in Google Crome“. You can enable many features using Google Chrome Extensions and Google Chrome Flags. Another reason for the popularity of Google Chrome is that it supports a lot of languages, as we metioned above. This allows users to use the browser in any regional language and take advantage of the web. In this article, you’ll learn how to change the language on Google Chrome by language setting. This way, you can use Google Chrome in any language.

There are several ways to make it, and they vary depending on the platform you use. That’s why we’ll discuss how you can change the language of Google Chrome on desktop platforms.

Supported Languages

Let’s take a look at the languages that Google Chrome supports. As we mentioned above, there are currently more than 100 languages supported by Google Chrome. Includes English, Hindi, Spanish, French, Danish, Afrikaans, Arabic, Bulgarian, Bengali, Chinese, Japanese, Irish, Italian, Russian, Samoan, Tamil, Telugu, Urdu, Korean, Latin and more.

How to Change Language in Google Chrome

1. First, click the three-point menu at the top right of Google Chrome, then select “Settings” from the menu.

2. Click the “Advanced” tab on the left side of the page that opens and select “Languages”.

3. Click “Language” and then select “Add Languages”.

4. In the window that will open, select the language you want to use. Then click “Add”.

5. Then click the three-point menu next to the language you selected and activate the “Display Google Chrome in this language” option.

6. Click “Restart” to make the changes take effect.

7. Open the language settings page again and click “Move up” from the three-point menu next to the language you selected. At the end of this step, the language will be changed successfully, including the user interface and general settings.

8. If you want to change Google’s search language in Google Chrome, you’ll need to complete one more step. Perform a Google search and click “Settings” just below the search box and select “Languages”.

9. Then select your preferred language and click “Save”. Once you’ve done this, your Google search will also be in your preferred language.

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