Jogging… How Is It Done And What Are The Benefits?

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What is jogging? What have to be jogging speed? Difference between jogging and running? These are some of the questions that come to mind of jogging beginners or those who want to begin to jogging.

Jogging can be described as brisk walking or running smoothly. It is a sport that can be practiced by people of all age groups. Everything you need to know about this sport, which has been in high demand in recent years, is explained in detail below.

Stressful work-life, livelihood anxiety, sedentary lifestyle and many other factors lead to exhaustion of both our body and soul. Adding unhealthy foods to it, the situation can become even more annoying. However, in order to minimize the effects of these factors on human life, people tend to engage in sports more and they try it to become a part of their lives.

In recent years, with the awareness of healthy living all over the world, healthy eating and various sports activities have become widespread. Jogging exercises have been added to sports activities such as running, pilates, and swimming in the rapidly spreading indoor and outdoor areas. Jogging can be defined as running with comfortable steps in order to be healthy, to provide the need for physical movement and to get rid of the tension.

Women, men, young and old people can do comfortably jogging exercises but it is not recommended for the people have cardiovascular disease and blood pressure problems. Jogging is not suitable for pregnant women either. Jogging, which is very effective in strengthening the body and fast slimming, is one of the most enjoyable sports activities.

What is Jogging?

Jogging can be described as brisk walking or running slowly and comfortably. Jogging is very common because it can be done in any environment. This easy-to-learn sport will be addictive from the very beginning. You’ve seen people walking early in the morning and after dinner. Jogging is the name of this sport, which is done with fast steps between walking and running.

Since jogging is an outdoors sport, it is usually done in the coastal area, in forests, and in large parks with walking paths.

How is Jogging Done?

People who decide to do jogging should first get breathable, sweat-resistant clothing made of cotton fabrics. When doing this sport, the shoes used must be flexible.

Before starting, the body should be warmed by walking, then the pace of the walking is increased and jogging is started as fast as continuous running with small steps. Jogging distance should be increased gradually. People who start jogging at very large distances can experience psoriatic arthritis in his/her joints and become unable to step.

When it is done regularly for two weeks, the body will get accustomed to it and start doing very comfortably. This sport, which seems easy, requires quite a lot of effort. At the end of your exercise, you should not hinder cooling exercises.

As with any sport, when doing jogging, fluid intake should be considered. Mineral water can be preferred as it is a brisk sport. People with heart disease should not do this sport, especially in very hot weather.

Jogging with animals like cats, dogs may cause some problems. During your exercises, animals will take care of the environment and cause to drop the tempo after a while. It causes loss of effort and sweat to cool down on the body.

Jogging is also a sport and if you do not obey the rules and the instructions of your trainers, surely, you can face some problems and sports injuries. If you are concerned about sports injuries you can read our article on this topic.

Jogging… How Is It Done And What Are The Benefits? (medicalnewstoday)

Jogging’s Benefits?

Many famous artists and successful politicians prefer jogging as a sport. It enhances the ability to think fast by opening the brain vessels, as well as strengthens the immune system. It is a sport that people of all ages can do without the need for any equipment.

If you are in a city, you can contribute to your body’s health by doing jogging. Experts list the benefits as follows;

  • This sport, which burns calories very fast, allows you to lose weight fast. Regular 30-minute exercise burns about 300 calories.
  • When you continue this sport without a break you can lose about 1 kilo per week.
  • Jogging without a break is equivalent to approximately 2.5 hours of biking.
  • Outdoors, on the coastline, in the park and in the forest, this sport is ideal for getting rid of stress. Those who do not like to do sports alone can do their exercises together with their friends and spouses
  • People who do this sport regularly become addicted after a while. Jogging reduces the risk of heart attack by diluting the blood and creates resistance in the body against severe diseases such as cancer.
  • It keeps the insulin hormone in balance and provides the secretion of the happiness hormone serotonin.
  • As with any sport, a light diet (dried fruits and bananas), drinking about 2 liters of water and mineral water before starting jogging is very useful.
  • This sport, also known as a warm-up exercise, helps to lose weight very quickly and strengthens the bone system if performed regularly.
  • It is good for heart and lung health.
  • It lowers cholesterol in the blood.
  • Allows you to have more regular and comfortable sleep.
  • Light exercises before starting to jogging are of great importance in terms of accelerating fat burning.
  • The production of macrophages and lymphocytes that fight infections in the body increases during exercise. Therefore, it provides protection against many infectious diseases and infections.
  • It reduces stress and makes people feel more calm and free of unnecessary thoughts. As in every sports branch, jogging provides you positive energy. When you do it regularly, you realize that you have unintentionally made positive contributions to your life.
  • Helps skin to get more oxygen and accelerate blood flow. In this way, it delays aging.
  • It makes the immune system more resistant.

Jogging Tips For Beginners

We talked about jogging in general. We explained how you can do and, most importantly, its benefits to your health. Under this title, we will offer small tips and suggestions to beginners.

  • Beginners of jogging should first set a goal for themselves. Are you doing this sport to lose weight or just to be healthy? How many kilometers or how many minutes will you jog? If you start by setting these goals, you will see that you are more productive and willing.
  • If you are very overweight or have a chronic illness, you should get a general health check-up and then start sports.
  • Take care to be regular and increase your exercise time a little more at each session.
  • Always warm up your body before you start. Non-tiring exercises will adequate for this.
  • Set a course before starting to jog. If you are doing in the gym, you can set the number of kilometers on the treadmill counter. If you are jogging outdoors, on the streets or in parks, we recommend that you decide in advance which direction you will jog.
  • Make sure the atmosphere of the place you jog is clean. Motor vehicles can cause air pollution, so you may have difficulty breathing after a while. So jogging in parks or forests will be more useful for you.
  • Make sure that your shoes are comfortable and orthopedic. Otherwise, your sport will become torture for you. The shoes you prefer should be made of soft materials that are capable of flexing against an impact from the sole.
  • If you are jogging in sunny weather, always apply a cream with a high protection factor. In this way, you can get rid of unwanted skin redness and sunspots.
  • Make sure you have a small bottle of water with you and drink plenty of water.
  • Avoid jogging during the day when the sun is hot and on the top.
  • Do not eat too much before starting to jog. Jogging with a full stomach is not recommended.
  • Although it is a lightweight sport, be sure to carry your mobile phone with you to notify someone immediately in case possible injuries.

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