Instagram Live Video Streaming… How Do I Start A Live Video On Instagram?

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Instagram Live Video Streaming…

Instagram live video streaming is the most remarkable and popular feature of Instagram. Well then, what Instagram live video streaming? In this article, we have searched what this feature of Instagram is and how it is used… If you want to learn more about Instagram, you can read our detailed article about Instagram, which is the most widely used social platform today.

Instagram, which was first developed in October 2010 for the iPhone and iPad running on the IOS operating system It has millions of users as a very popular photo-sharing application. Instagram’s quality filters and social networking features are also effective in providing such large users in a short time. The number of active users exceeds 600 million, Instagram continues to reach more and more users every day and continues to innovate. One of the features that Instagram offers to its users is; Instagram live stream feature.

What is Instagram Live Streaming? Instagram, which is developed every day and appealing to a wider audience with new applications, can be used on devices running the iOS operating system such as the iPhone and iPad, and on devices using the Android operating system. It is not possible to create an Instagram account with username and password over the Internet. In order to become a member of Instagram, you must be using one of these two operating systems.

What is Instagram Live Video Feature?

After Facebook and Pericope, Instagram added its innovations live video. The introduction of Instagram’s live video feature increased the number of users of the application. In the course of time, the ability to broadcast live video to all users has already begun to attract users’ curiosity.

How to use Live Video Feature on Instagram?

In order to start using the live video feature on Instagram, it must be activated first. In order to use this feature, you only need to update Instagram, if your application is not updated. Users who want to use this feature on their account; can access this feature from the “Stories” tab. Instagram’s live video feature allows users to record and share video recordings. “Live” on the video indicates that the feature is activated. To start the live video, touch the camera icon at the top left of the screen, then scroll to the right.

How long can you do a live video on Instagram? The duration of the live video offered to users by Instagram is determined to be 1 hour. Accordingly, Instagram live video feature will take up to one hour. Videos taken when the Instagram Live Video was first released were deleted. In other words, users could not watch and archive the videos later. Thanks to an update that came in March 2017 with version 10.12; can now record videos. However, videos can only be recorded as videos. Likes, comments, information such as the number of followers will not be recorded. In addition, users will be able to record only their own videos.

Can you watch an Instagram live after it’s over? Here’s What You Need…

Sharing a video in Story is a relatively easy process. After you finish the live video, you’ll see a new button at the bottom of the page. If this button is on, a “Share” button will appear. When you press this share button, the live video will be added to the “story”. If you do not want the live video recording to be added to the Story, then you can turn the button “off” so that you can disable the live video repeat.

When your friends add live video replays within their Stories, you’ll see a play button under their profile pictures in the Stories bar. And the total number of viewers of your videos will be the sum of the number of users watching or repeating the live video while you are broadcasting.

The live broadcast feature became widespread in a short time. In recent years, when social media has entered our lives very quickly, like other social networks, Instagram has become an indispensable application, especially for young people.

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