How to tie a tie? What are the easiest tying techniques?

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We have a very practical suggestion for men who are trying to tie their ties neatly in a hurry every morning. Here are the easiest tying techniques…

From education to business, men have an endless problem: tying a tie… Isn’t there really an easy way to tie? Of course, there is! Here are the most practical tying techniques…


The most classic and most preferred type of tie knot is the “simple knot”, also known as “Four in hand”. Because it is one of the most classical methods, a tie made with a simple knot system can be applied to all shirt collar. Ties made with “simple knot” technique, which has a long and conical structure, are used narrowly in thin fabrics and wide in thick fabrics.

four in hand knot


How to tie a double knot technique? You can easily find the answer with the pictorial representation. The double knot method, also known as Victoria, is a way of tying that is very similar to the simple knot technique but requires a second round. To tie a tie with Victoria knot, the wide end of the tie must run around the narrow end twice firstly. Ties made with Victoria knot have a thicker appearance than ties made with four in hand technique. If the fabric of the tie is not too thick, ties made with Victoria Knot can also adapt to any shirt collar.

Victoria Knot


Windsor knots are divided into “Half Windsor” and “Full Windsor”. The Half Windsor Knot, which is similar to the Half Windsor Knot, but easier to make and thicker, is more suitable for thin or light fabric ties. The triangle-shaped Half Windsor Knot is generally preferred for an open collar or classic collar shirts.

half windsor knot


The knots tied with the small knot technique becomes tiny. The small knot technique, which is preferred in tight-collar shirts or ties with very thick fabric, should not be used in long-collar or separated-collar shirts. Small knotted ties in these types of collars may not look nice. The small knot technique is one of the easy ways to tie a tie.

Oriental Knot


Full windsor knot is a type of tie known as a special day knot. The full windsor knot, which appears as a UK-style knot, takes its name from the Duke of Windsor. Since the ties made with full windsor technique have a bulky structure, they are generally preferred for separated collar products such as Italian collar and Windsor collar. Although it may seem a little difficult to tie a tie with a full windsor knot, the tie needs to hide the last button on the shirt for a successful tie.

full windsor knot


Ties made with Christensen technique generally have a thick knot structure. That’s why it would be more logical to choose these ties on shirts with a more separated collar and long collar. Small-collar shirts will not be able to carry the Christensen knot ties.

Christensen Knot


Grantchester technique is a method of tying that attracts attention with its elegant appearance. In particular, the fact that this technique gives a flat appearance as opposed to the simple knot and double knot methods is one of the factors that make Grantchester knot a step forward. When you successfully apply the steps in the pictorial representation, it will be possible to apply with each shirt collar. Of course, if your tie fabric is too thin or too thick, you may have to choose shirts with a wide collar or a small collar.

Grantchester Knot


The Cafe Knot is a complex process and consists of 11 steps. As can be understood from the pictorial representation, you can draw attention in the invitations with the cafe knot technique where it is aimed to perform more than one quick movement with the tie tip and give the tie knot a different appearance.

Cafe Knot

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