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Hey everybody! Welcome to my personal blog. It is about the things that you ask yourself how to make and contact us about posts and anything via e-mail or contact form. You can reach more detailed information about me and my blog on “About” page.

I have launched this blog but I considered that it belongs to every one of you more than me. But I am new and inexperienced in the blog world. Please send me your thinking, and evaluations about the posts, their topics, categories of the site, photos or anything else in the blog for developing it. Thus we can add new things or topics to the blog. And surely you can inform me if you have any issues that you want me to search. I will search it and publish the results in the blog, we can improve the blog together.

I promise that I will reply to all the questions and all the comments that are sent to me. For now, I am the only author of the blog and it takes much time to make search and publish the posts. So it can be taken time to reply to them but you can be sure that I will read and give answer all of them.

However, you will also appreciate that rude, abusive, humiliating and comments that do not meet the standards of the will be deleted without reading. They will not be published.

Surely, you can reach me and send your messages by contact form you can find below. But you can reach me on my personal e-mail ( or social media pages as well. By the way, please don’t forget to like and follow my blog’s social media pages.

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