How to Increase Facebook Account Security?

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It is important to increase Facebook account security since it is the most used social media platform in the world. Security is also important due to the number of users is high. Even though you think that nothing happens to my account among all those users, thousands or even millions of users’ data can be stolen in cases of theft.

In other words, it does not happen to me and not taking precautions can cause huge losses. In this article, we will explain the measures you can take to increase Facebook account security

First Step: Strong and Mixed Password

The most important point in the security of an account will undoubtedly be the password. So, how do we set up a secure password?

1. Do not use only letters and numbers

Although the users say that I do not, the password of many accounts stolen in the past is in the form of “NAME1234” and this fact shows that password security is still ignored. Therefore, for your account security, do not use only letters and numbers. In your password, use underscores, dashes, dots, and so on.

Using a password like “I2&S_5İ3-M” instead of “NAME1234” will be a very important factor for the security of your account. You can also use big and small letters in your password. In this way, you can further increase security.

2. The number of characters does not have to be 8

Users generally use 8 characters as in the case of “NAME1234” because at least 8 characters are requested. A short password is a very low security. Therefore, if you use “I2&S_513-M” instead of “NAME1234”, your security will be higher.

3. Don’t choose special days to remember your password

The vast majority of users are having problems especially forgetting the password. Therefore, special days such as birthdays are usually included in the password. This greatly reduces security.

To avoid this, use a password like “I2&S_513-M” as I mentioned in the main example. If you have trouble remembering your password, you can write it down or use services like “OnePassword”.

Phone Number is Important

Defining your phone number on your Facebook account can give you a lot of advantages. Because many users use their e-mail address to recover the account when they forgot their password. Many of these users cannot recover their account with their email address.

When you define your mobile phone number to Facebook, you can easily reset your forgotten password.

Increase Facebook Account Security
How to Increase Facebook Account Security?

Attention to People You Don’t Know

In order to prevent insecure situations, you have to refuse friendship requests from people you do not know. Otherwise, you allow anyone who may be dangerous to see the information in your account.

Ads or Links May Be Infected

If you see a link by a page you don’t normally know, think twice before clicking. Because there is a high probability that there is a virus in the link you clicked.

The same situation can be valid for ads. However, you can be less careful here because Facebook has taken precautions.

Also, if you see a post where dozens of people have been tagged by a friend, never click on that link. If you are tagged, remove the tag. If you can’t remove the tag, text your friend about the share and ask him to remove the post from the timeline.

Unrecognized devices can be dangerous

If you don’t have a computer at home and you are constantly logging in to other devices, there are a few precautions to take

1. Do not keep your account open all the time

If you are logged on to a device that you do not recognize, the first thing you should be aware of is that your account will be always open. If you say keep logged in continuously while you are logged in, you will remain logged on until you log out or until you delete the history of the browser you are using. This may endanger your account.

2. Clear browser history

If you are logged on to a computer that you do not recognize, clear your history after you are finished and logged out. Otherwise, people you don’t know may have access to your account history. Or experienced people can even reach to your password using that computer.

3. The browser does not remember the password

If you are logging on to a computer that you do not recognize, do not let your browser remember your password. If you have previously given permission, you can provide your account security by deleting browser history and data in detail.

If you consider the measures we have described, you will greatly secure your account. This way, you can use your account for many years.

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