How to delete Instagram account?

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In this article, we investigated and compiled detailed answers to your questions about how to delete Instagram account, from the phone and computer and if it is possible to close Instagram account completely.

As it is known, Instagram is one of the most popular photo and video-sharing social media platform with millions of users. If you no longer want to use the Instagram sharing network, which is based on sharing users’ photos and videos, if you’re tired of using it or if you have various reasons to turn off Instagram, you can perform an Instagram account deletion from your phones and computers by following the steps below.

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How to delete Instagram account?

Instagram, does not allow to freeze the Instagram account or delete the account permanently through the application. I think it makes it with the aim of preventing the loss of the user. However, it is still possible to close the Instagram account from the computer, as well as to shut down or delete it from Android phones or tablets. By opening the link we share below through your phone’s web browser, you can quickly request to freeze the Instagram account or delete it completely.

  • Open the web browser from your mobile device. (Ex: Google Chrome, Opera, etc.)
  • Go to If you have not logged in to your Instagram page, you will be asked to log in to your Instagram page first. You cannot delete your account from within Instagram.
  • Enter your user name and password.
  • Check the reason for deleting Instagram on the “Delete Your Account” page, press the “Permanently Delete My Account” button and re-enter your password. The option to “Permanently Delete My Account” appears only when you select a reason from the menu, so you must select one of the options.

What you need to know about deleting your instagram account

If you want to delete a different account other than your Instagram account and a second account is added to your page, click the user name in the upper right corner of the “Delete Your Account” page and select “Sign Out”. Then re-login with the Instagram account you want to delete and follow the instructions above.

Once you have done all this, your account will be completely deleted. However, you should remember that you will never be able to use the username you have deleted.

You will not be able to open a new account with the same username unless Instagram makes any changes to the user policy. However, let’s remind you that you must back up your photos before permanently deleting your account.

You can also temporarily close or deactivate your account before you completely delete or close your account, which we always recommend first. If after a while you may change your mind and wish to use your account again. In this case, you can log in to your account and reactivate your account. But nobody can see you until you re-enter. As soon as you enter your password to reactivate it, you will resume the Instagram account.

Finally, we should remind you that when your Instagram account is completely deleted, you will lose not only your photos but also your username, comments, and any other information about you.

How to delete Instagram account from computer?

It’s easy to delete Instagram account from a computer.

  • Click on the account deletion link at the top.
  • In the window that opens, check the answer to the question “Why are you deleting your account?”
  • After re-typing your password click the “Permanently Delete My Account” button and our Instagram account will be deleted.

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