How to delete a Facebook page permanently? Deleting Facebook page step by step…

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We have prepared an article for deleting the Facebook page for you. If you are wondering how to delete the Facebook page permanently, you can review our article and learn how to delete your page step by step.

How to delete a facebook page permanently?

We have prepared for you how to delete the Facebook page permanently one by one. There are billions of Facebook users, and millions of famous, technology, science, sports and a variety of pages on Facebook. We have also prepared for you to delete pages. How to delete a page on Facebook?

If you have a page on Facebook that you feel dissatisfied or has exceeded its purpose from time to time, you can easily unpublish it and delete it easily. Here are the step-by-step Facebook deletion processes.

First, you have to log in to the page you want to delete. Then click on the “Settings” tab and then on the“ General” tab.

Facebook page delete permanently
How to delete a Facebook page permanently?

And then click the “Remove Page” tab at the bottom side of the page.

After performing these steps, you permanently delete your Facebook page.

Facebook is launching an analysis company with concern for data sharing.

According to the BBC, Facebook stated that it is investigating if Crimson Hexagon’s agreements with official organizations around the world violated the policies of Facebook. The HQ of Crimson Hexagon is in Boston and it serves on the field of customer orientations.

The Wall Street Journal wrote that Crimson Hexagon had signed agreements with a Kremlin-affiliated Russian non-profit organization and clients from various US institutions to review Facebook data.

Facebook’s previous sharing of user data with advertising and data analysis firms has been the subject of controversy, and ıt is revealed that the analyst firm, Cambridge Analytica has used unauthorized personal data collected from millions of Facebook users’ accounts to influence a critical election and referendum processes in the US and the UK.

Mark Zuckerberg, founder, and CEO of the company answered questions during the April session of the US Senate and House of Representatives about the company’s data leak scandal.

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