Cleaning Cat Litter Box. Get Rid Of Bad Odor.

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Cleaning cat litter is one of the important issues for those live with a cat at their home. Because sometimes the bad odor of the cat litter can prevent some of them even from adopting a cat. So, in order to present a solution to this problem, we aimed to summarize in our article the methods to reconcile you with your cat friends and prevent the bad odor of litter.

One of the biggest problems of those who share their homes and offices with their cat friends is the removal of cat litter. The bad odor coming and rising especially in the hot weather from the litter may cause some problems between us and our friends. However, when the cat litter is properly cleaned at regular intervals, the correct litter and litter box is selected, this problem can be eliminated. If you want to purify your living spaces from the odor of cat litter and scattered everywhere, learn the tricks of cat litter cleaning and continue reading our article.

One of the reasons for the odor of cat litter is spreading around. When you place a grooved cat litter mat in front of the litter box and keep the mat clean, you can see that the odor is reduced. The broom or dustpan should also be located next to the litter box.

Choosing Cat Litter

First of all, the choice of cat litter is important. You can find the solution to the problem by choosing the most suitable cat litter for your cat’s habit and your cleaning system. You can use crystal, clumping, fine or coarse litter. Many cat owners agree that it is more comfortable to use clumping litter in the house, but you can try others if you prefer.

When choosing cat litter, considering only the cleaning part of the job can harm your cat. Some litters may cause cats’ paws to dry or even peel or become scarred. If your cat is allergic, it may be uncomfortable with the scented litters and may have difficulty breathing. You should check the condition of your cat when you try the litters and make sure that it is comfortable after cleaning.

Use And Cleaning Of Cat Litter

When you put an average of 5 cm thick litter in the cat’s litter box and change the litter once a week, there will be no odor problems.

You can clean the litter every other day and (if it is clumping) from lumps.

With the help of a shovel, you can collect the dirt and then throw it with the help of a bag.

We recommend you to wash the shovel with bleach after each use.

You can put litterbags specially developed for cats into the litter box. So when you need to change the litter, you can put the new litter by taking the litterbag directly.

If you do not use a litterbag, you may notice that the litter grains wetted with urine stick to the litter box every time you change the litter. After you put a cleaning glove on your hand, you can sterilize the litter box using bleach with the help of a brush or sponge. It is possible to use it by filling the litter box with litter after it has dried thoroughly.

Practical Methods to Remove Odor

  • You should take care to position the cat’s litter box away from the heating pads during the winter months. Litter smells more quickly due to heat. You can prefer litters with lavender or soap scents.
  • When you select the litter box with cover, the odor will be less perceivable from the outside.
  • Room fragrances neutralize the smell of pets that can be kept at home.
  • You should frequently air the room where the litter box is located.

After changing the cat litter, you may feel a bad odor in your rubbish bin. After closing the bag full of litter, you can keep it on the balcony until it is discarded. Whatever you do, if your nose is fragile and you smell litter, you can try to change the litter every other day by placing 2-3 cm of litter in the litterbox. In this way, you clean the litter box without the opportunity to smell the litter. You should remember to wear a mask while cleaning the cat litters. If you do not have a mask, you should take care not to breathe litter dust directly. The dust particles of the litters can especially damage the allergen bodies. You can place automatic room perfumes close to the litter to prevent cat litter odor.

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