How do I create an Instagram account?

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How do I create an Instagram account? How to open a new Instagram account from the phone and computer?

We have targeted to explain how to create an Instagram account from the phone and the computer. Instagram became a photo-sharing application on the first day that smartphones took place in the application markets. And it turned into a marketing tool with the highest number of users worldwide. Today, Instagram is a social media platform used by both brands and personal users who want to promote their products and services to the digital world. Numerous new accounts are created every day on Instagram, which is growing rapidly. So how to open a new account on Instagram? How to log in to Instagram from computers and phones?

If you want to learn more about Instagram, you can read our detailed article about Instagram, which is the most widely used social platform today.

Instagram, the most popular social media application of today, can be accessed from both iOS and Android-based mobile phones and also from browsers of computers and phones. But the features Instagram offers to its users through the browser and the app are not the same. For example, users who log in to Instagram from their computer or phone browsers cannot use the DM feature in the application. For this reason, each of the methods of entry into Instagram is curious. So how to login to Instagram and how do I create a new Instagram account?

How do I create an Instagram account?

  • You can download Instagram from Play Store on Android phones and from App Store on Apple phones with iOS operating system and create a new Instagram account by this application.
  • Alternatively, you can log in to the Instagram website via your computer’s Internet connection and create an Instagram account via the browser.

How to create an Instagram account on mobile phone or tablet?

To open an Instagram account from your smart device, you must download the Instagram app firstly. You can download Instagram via Play Store or App Store up to the operating system of your smartphone.

After downloading the Instagram app, follow the steps to create an Instagram account:

create instagram account
How do I create an Instagram account?
  • Open the application by touching the icon of the Instagram application you downloaded to your phone.
  • Touch “Don’t have an account?” on the screen.
  • On the following screen, you need to tap the “Sign up with email or phone number” button.
  • In the next step, you will see the screen where you can create a new account on Instagram. On this screen, firstly enter your current mobile phone or email address. Secondly, enter the name and surname, thirdly, type your username to use for your Instagram account and then, set your password and tap the “sign up” button.

How to open Instagram account on the computer?

To open Instagram account from the computer, click on the link below, then follow the steps we’ve shared.

Click here to open Instagram account

The steps to open Instagram account from the computer are as follows:

  • If you click on the link above, you will see the page where you are logged in and sign up to Instagram.
  • Type your mobile phone or email address on the top line to sign up for Instagram.
  • In the second line, enter your name and surname.
  • In the third line, you need to specify your username to use in your new Instagram account. The username you specify at this stage should not have been used on Instagram before.
  • In the last step, set the password for your Instagram account and click the “sign up” button.

How do I deactivate or freeze my Instagram account? What should I do?

If you already have an Instagram account and want to temporarily freeze or deactivate it, you can easily perform it by reading our article “How to Deactivate Your Instagram Account?” If you want to re-activate your account after temporarily freezing, just log in to Instagram with your username and password. So, there is no different method for the question “How to open a closed or frozen Instagram account?” Just login to Instagram.

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