Here Is All About Tattoo? Permanent and Temporary

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What is a Tattoo? Definition of Tattoo

Today, we can define the having made tattoo, as a phenomenon arising from personal beauty aspiration and fashion. But the first appearance of the tattoo in human history was undoubtedly not that simple.

Tattoo; in the primitive-communal society.

In the primitive-communal society, which is accepted as examples of the first social life in the world, the tattoo started with their extremely innocent needs. The first tattoo applications were made as an expression of showing their fears, likes, wishes, beliefs, traditions, social and class status to their naked bodies. Therefore they showed these feelings and situations to another person and nature with lines and signs. These tattoos made by primitive methods in the conditions of that day took their place in human history.

For their struggle for survival against nature, they developed sharp and drilling tools and used fire brilliantly. In the same way, the tattoo also entered human life as a product of the same intelligence and needs. We know that they use the drawings they have made on their bodies as a means of communication together with the justified reasons mentioned above.

Reaching the tattooing the present without interruption reveals that it should be regarded as a human need.

If they had no dress in their body, they used the signs on the body to scare wild animals. And they used them also to get more share from the hunted animal, to show leadership power and superiority in the tribe.

With the presence of writing among the human communities, tattooing became stronger in expressing the facts of social life in a more conscious way. With writing, human life is also divided into social classes. At that time period, the tattoo was a way of defining the social and class status such as rich, poor, slave, owner, ranks among military units, courage, prisoner, bachelor, fiancee, married, widowed, hopeful and hopeless for the other members of the society. It was always the shortest and most understandable describing way. It is also known that some tribes in India, Japanese, Native Americans, and Africa made the tattoo as an ornament, and in many societies, the tattoo was applied as a protective talisman against diseases and evil spirits.

How Long Does The Tattoo History Back?

Although it is thought to be based on 10,000s B.C, the oldest tattoo in the world belongs to the Iceman Otzi, who lived exactly 5268 years ago.

If we look at the approximately 60 tattoos he has, it can be seen that some of these tattoos were made by someone else, not Otzi himself.

It was understood from the mummies that there was the tattooing in the ancient Egyptian society in the 2000s BC. Apart from the Egyptians, the Britons, Gauls, and Thracians also had tattoos. Ancient Greeks and Romans used the tattoo for criminals and slaves because they regarded it as a “barbarian endeavor”. Tattooing was prohibited in Christianity. However, the early Christians had made tattoos to their bodies with the name of Jesus or cross tattoos.

Europeans, who were partially away from tattoo culture in the Middle Ages, met again with tattoos in the Native Americans and Polynesians on overseas trips in the late 18th century. European languages have taken the word “tattoo”, from the word “tautau” in the Tahitian language. The tattoo became widespread, especially among sailors after the early 20th century.

From this point, we can say that tattooing emerged one of the oldest profession in the world. So the tattooing is an effective art branch that can trigger our basic instincts and a serious job that requires motor skills at the level of mastership.

Of course, there are tattoos made as ornaments. However, the tattooing as ornaments had begun after the 1700s. Then, it gradually began to affect cultures and shape perception. It was starting to be used as a ‘dress’ of the skin.

Maud Stevens Wagner

Maud Stevens Wagner, the first known female tattoo artist in history. She worked in a traveling circus with her husband Gus Wagner in the early 1900s, had an important role in the spread of the tattoo culture in America. It was also a giant icon in those days when women had no rights.

Maud Stevens Wagner (Wikipedia)

After such singular examples, the tattoo culture gradually began to become widespread. For example, the famous motorcycle gang Hell’s Angels members of the USA are famous for their tattoos. Likewise, the Japanese Mafia Yakuza.

And today. Now almost every person in the world is thinking about getting a tattoo, even if he/she can’t. But is tattoo harmful to the body? Experts try to examine the physical and psychological harms that may occur in individuals as much as possible. Physical damage can be overcome with a sterile environment and regular maintenance.

Everything a person uses on his/her body is actually a mask. Clothes, hairpins, hairstyles, even his/her status, and class. In fact, every one of them are the element that hides the true identity and individuality of each person. The only difference in the tattoo is that it is permanent.

In other words, if we do not have a goal to wear a mask, tattooing is a situation that makes a person feel good. It allows him/her to express himself/herself and leads people to love his/her body.

For cultural pressures, one thing can be said. In the future, today’s young people will be the oldest generation and there will be many grandparents and grandmothers who have tattoos. On that day, the perception will change completely and those fears in people will disappear.

Why Do People Get To Have Tattoos Today?

The state of enduring pain that makes you feel like revolting life is probably like feeling living, I think. However, the main reason why people have been getting tattoos for thousands of years is, of course, the desire of giving a message.

In fact, tattoos came out to meet many different needs. But they have been preferred because they can give an instant message to the other people or creatures.

For example; in ancient times, the need to belong to a certain group of people caused to come out the tribal tattoos.

Nowadays, people are waiting in line for tattoo artists for days to carry tattoos from the artists they like and so they make tattooing a more popular concept than ever.

People can de everything for a little more adrenal hormone. Mankind recognised that he/she can suppress his/her emotional pain with physical pain and then became the captive of another hormone, Endorphin.

For some, tattooing has become a kind of addiction that can be preferred even for the purpose of becoming comfortable. And we can say that it offers a unique experience for both the people who have made and the tattoo artists.

Here Is All About Tattoo? Permanent and Temporary (pixabay)

So why do people prefer to be tattoo artists?

This profession, which has been carried out using many different techniques over time, is now experiencing its golden age with the help of technology.

Tattooing is started a rapid rise with the electric tattoo machine invented in the early 1900s and has created its own subculture. This industry allows new artists to be born every day and has created a new profession that people can even choose to travel the world.

The tattooing profession is already under the threat of even tattooing robots. It is not known how long it will be practiced, but people do not seem to get bored from having made tattoo.

Let’s clarify an issue that has been curious for centuries. Yes, having made tattoo hurts. Some hurt so much, some less. The severity of pain can vary depending on the region that you have made.

How do they tattoo? How Tattoos Work? What happens to skin when you get a tattoo?

Different methods are used in tattooing. In traditional tattooing, the pointed bone, horn or steel needle is slightly stuck in the skin and the holes are filled with paint. It can also be done by passing the painted thread through the holes.

Today, tattooing with modern methods is less painful and less harmful to health than the methods mentioned above. Thanks to the machines used in tattooing, the needle works at a high speed is more comfortable and less faulty, as if drawing with a pencil on the leather.

Here Is All About Tattoo? Permanent and Temporary (pixabay)

Things to Know Before Getting a Tattoo

If you hesitate due to insufficient information about tattooing, if you wonder how much tattooing will hurt, and if you are worried about not knowing how the tattoo machine works, you will find all answers to your questions in this part of the article. We wanted to explain the points that we consider to be known about tattooing.

How Much Will It Hurt?

At the beginning of his career, experienced tattoo artist Matthew Ellis gave examples to his clients for explaining how it will hurt, he said that it will be like scratching a cat or a blind blade. But after 15 years of experience, he has heard so differently about the pain that he has experienced from his customers and says that this pain is not like anything else anymore. Matthew, who is now one of the partners of Seven Crowns Tattoo shop in Toronto says that “It’s not so bad, the fact that it is so popular is proof of that”.

How Does the Tattoo Machine Work?

The tattoo machine, which is believed to have been patented 100 years ago, has not changed much over time. Modern tattoo machines also work on the same principles as their ancestors. In the mechanism, a needle with the ink moves up and down to make holes under the skin at a speed of 3000 minutes per minute.

How Does the Needle Move Up and Down?

  • The electric current travels over the copper coil and turns the two coils into a magnet.
  • The armature iron rod on the coils is connected with the needle. When the coils are magnetized, they push the bar down and allow the needle to go under the skin.
  • Metal strip and contact screw control current. When these two touch each other, electric current flows between the coils. When the magnetized coils push the armature iron rod down, they cut off the current, the coils are demagnetized and remove the needle from under the skin.

What is Tattoo Ink made of?

Tattoo ink consists of small particles of paint carrier that in a solution. This solution is usually ethyl alcohol or purified water. Components that color the ink are usually metal salt, lead, cobalt and carbon paint carriers. However, the American Academy of Dermatology has reported that these components have also mixed plastic-based dyes over time. Dermatologist Michi Shinohara also said that many unknown components come into contact with the skin and so this situation may cause complications. From time to time, the Canadian Dermatology Association raises concerns about the lack of regulations in tattoo ink production.

How Does The Ink Paint Under The Skin?

  • Epidermis, the outer layer of our skin, stands like a laminated glass on our tattoo.
  • The target that the ink must reach is the Dermis. The antibodies wrap the ink here and it stays in that area.
  • Every time the needle moves down, it injects the ink 1-2 millimeters below the skin. Paint particles of the ink are trapped inside the fibroblast cells. These cells are located in the dermis. Our bodies perceive the dye particles in the dermis as foreign matter, but because they are very large, white blood cells cannot damage these particles.
  • If the ink reaches the subcutaneous fat layer, it will instantly dissolve and blur.

What is a temporary tattoo? How is it applied?

Temporary tattoos are practical solutions for those who are afraid of getting permanent tattoos because of their health or pain concerns. Of course, the temporary tattoo can be an alternative for those who cannot decide on the figure to be chosen, or for those who think about the possibility of being bored with the tattoo in the future. We have compiled the information about the temporary tattoo below for you.

Here Is All About Tattoo? Permanent and Temporary (pixabay)

What is a temporary tattoo?

About temporary tattoos, Indian Henna is the first thing that comes to mind. Henna (Lawsonia inermis) is a herb that can be identified as a small tree about 2.60 meters tall and a powder prepared by drying and grinding the leaves of this plant. This powder is believed to have a healing effect in North Africa and West Asia. For this reason, some tribes use this powder in their ceremonies.

It is thought that henna, which was previously used to make various decorations on the body, has a calming and pain relief effect. It was also believed that henna was transforming the person that applies it to a lucky and prosperous person and protected him/her from evil. There is evidence that it has survived from the Indians, Kazakh and Kyrgyz Turks as a cultural activity.

However, in recent years, henna is used mostly for temporary tattoo. Getting a real tattoo on any part of your body is a difficult and painful process. Even the conditions under which the tattoo was made can cause unhealthy results. This situation creates fear and anxiety. In addition, temporary tattoo making has become popular due to the difficulty in removing the permanent tattoo. It is very easy to apply on the body, unlike the permanent tattoo. There are a wide variety of applications. The easiest method using a temporary tattoo spray. It does not take 2-3 minutes to make and it is very easy to erase.

How long do temporary tattoos stay on?

It does not stay on the skin for many years like a permanent tattoo. Because permanent tattoos is injected under the skin with a needle. Temporary tattoo, on the contrary, is applied with Indian henna on the skin. The durability period is therefore not too long. For those who are hesitant to get a permanent one, we can say that a temporary tattoo is a perfect alternative.

What should be considered when choosing temporary tattoos?

The material used in making temporary tattoos is very important. For this reason, it is very important that temporary tattoo materials have undergone dermatological tests. However, the stages of production must comply with certain standards, today European (EU) standards are the right choice in this regard.

Why does the temporary tattoo come off quickly?

Since the temporary tattoo is made on the skin, it comes off faster than a permanent tattoo. And there are conditions for using your temporary tattoo. One of them is the sun protection method. You can apply high-factor sunscreen before getting out. This will prevent your temporary tattoo from being directly affected by sun rays. But in any case, it can not last for many years like a permanent tattoo. The average endurance period is between 1 and 7 days, and the permanence time can vary depending on the type of skin.

What is the difference between temporary and permanent tattoo?

The most obvious difference between a permanent and temporary tattoo; Permanent tattoos are applied by injecting under the skin with the help of paints and needles, while the temporary tattoo is applied on the skin. For these reasons, the permanent tattoo can last for many years, but the temporary tattoo has a short life.

Is Temporary Tattoo Painful?

You will not feel any pain during temporary tattooing. Because it is not applied with the help of needles under the skin like a permanent tattoo, but by spraying it from the bottle or applying it with a brush. For this reason, it does not hurt the skin. You can have a tattoo without any problems. Since there is no healing process afterward, you can have a tattoo without pain.

How to remove a permanent tattoo?

You got a tattoo, maybe you loved it too, but over time some things have changed. Now you do not want to carry it on your body anymore. What will you do? Do you have to carry this tattoo lifelong halfheartedly? Of course not. You can get removed your permanent tattoo and we have compiled detailed information about this below.

Can a permanent tattoo be removed?

In general, every tattoo can be removed. However, it is much easier to remove black colored tattoos, which we call colorless. The green and red tattoos are the hardest tattoos. For some people, it can occur a swelling in the area that has been removed, but this swelling has also occurred in the area when it had done. And sometimes there may be white marks that match the tattoo shape. However, the rate of removing without any traces is very high.

Removing the tattoos without any problem.

The ability to remove tattoos without problems depends on several factors. The first one is the color of the tattoos, as we mentioned earlier. Black tattoos are much easier to remove than colored ones. The second is time. The old tattoos, that is, at least 6 months, are removed much more quickly than the new ones. In addition, tattoos made with professional paints can be deleted much more successfully than amateur tattoos. And the speed of recovery of the skin is important. If the person’s situation is suitable, the other most important factor is to choose the appropriate laser device. It can be removed without any problem in suitable doses with suitable devices

Is laser therapy effective in removing a tattoo?

The laser light energy concentrates without dispersing into a particular region. This light passes without damaging the upper layers of the skin and is selectively absorbed by the tattoo pigments. Laser energy allows these pigments to be divided into small particles. These tiny particles are then destroyed by the body’s immune system. The devices used in laser tattoo removal and the permanent makeup process produce rays that will be absorbed by tattoo pigments. These rays are held only by the tattoo pigments and do not affect the normal tissues.

Is it a painful treatment? How is the treatment process?

It is usually a painful method. The procedure is not performed without local anesthesia. However, people who have tattoos often say that pain is almost the same as the pain they feel when getting it. Moreover, since local anesthesia is applied before the laser application, the procedure can be performed without any pain. How many sessions does it take to remove a tattoo? The number of sessions varies depending on the size of the tattoo but can vary from 6 to 10 sessions on average.

How does the treatment differ between amateur and professional tattoo?

Since amateur tattoos are not made by a master hand, the pigment can be given to different depths. In this case, it can be difficult to remove pigments that have been given too deep. Professionally made tattoos are generally in the lower layers of the skin and at the same depth. Therefore, laser tattoo removal generally gives a homogeneous result over the entire tattoo. Professional tattoos, using a new set of inks and pastel colors, are highly resistant and completely difficult to remove.

Can permanent makeup be removed?

Usually, makeup around eyebrows, lips, and eyes can be safely destroyed by the laser. Areas such as the face and neck are rich in capillaries and fast-healing quality areas. Therefore, while applying in these areas, higher laser energy can be used and faster results can be obtained.

Care recommendations to those who have removed their tattoos…

After removing the tattoo, that area should definitely be kept away from sun rays. You should not go out without applying sunscreen cream. After the removal process, it should apply the wound concealer cream treatment and should be avoided from contact with water in that skin area. Subsequent session intervals usually range from 4 weeks to 6 weeks, so the most important thing during this period is that the patient is strongly advised to use sunscreen cream.

INK HUNTER. A Special Application For Those Who Want To Have Tattoo

Finally, we would like to talk about a mobile application for those who want to get a tattoo but cannot decide what kind of or want to see how the tattoo they choose will look on their body.

Here Is All About Tattoo? Permanent and Temporary (

The application called “Ink Hunter” offers a solution to show how the tattoo looks on the body. Users can preview, thanks to the application.

So, the tattoo that you want to have on your body is located virtually in your body. In this way, you get an answer to the question of how the tattoo looks on your body and get rid of a dilemma.

Appears On Your Body Before Tattooing

To use the application, you draw a small smile shown at the start of the application with a pen on your arm. Then the one you choose from the selected tattoos appears on your arm. Thus, you have a first-hand view of the tattoo appearance.

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