Harajuku Street Fashion. Amazing and Provocative Style.

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Harajuku Street Fashion: The Revolt of Fashion

Ridiculous and incompatible clothing, absurd jewelry, irrational logos, irrelevant colors …

Japan is famous for having a boundless culture. Japanese fashion, food, festivals… Each of them reflects the extremes of Japanese culture. Today, there is even a new trend created by people who live like anime characters. People who follow the trend of Harajuku Japanese Street Fashion live beyond the limits of the anime culture. How did this flow begin? Where is Harajuku?

Every region or society has its own culture. Nowadays, we become aware of these cultures through many media and even experience one-to-one. At this point, one of the most astonishing cultures in the world is Japan. Japanese culture, which has carried its ancient traditions up to the present day and even brought these traditions to different aspects with today’s technology, is in fact fed by many different things. Let’s take a look at the anime culture which is one of these sources.

What is Anime Culture?

Anime, a Japanese-made comic book/animation-like work, actually influences Japanese culture. It dominates not only to the media, but also to the clothing, advertising, technology products, and collection parts sectors. People who act like them by imitating the non-human characters have become so normal in Japan that they have given this culture a name.

An Anime Character in the City: Harajuku Street Fashion Style

Harajuku Street Fashion, which makes the best definition of freedom in fashion, is a trend in which people take their inner world out. You can see that it is also called Japan Street Fashion on many websites or articles. Harajuku fashion style is based on the fact that one is completely original when dressing. In other words, it is a crazy, free and even anarchist attitude. Rugging up, punk-style clothes, colorful fabrics, exaggerated jewelry, pastel and neon shades, motto T-shirts, cute-gothic blended clothes and accessories… This trend has captured the vast majority of Japanese youth and has been spreading to the world recently …

Although the appearance of the trend is not known exactly, we can say that the animations that cover a large part of Japanese culture have been leading this. It began with being liked the story told in the anime and the characters have an extreme appearance. Then, especially in the 80s, people took anime culture and combined it with their own style. And they made a character out of themselves.

This trend, which includes a high percentage of young people, has turned into a revelation in which young people looking for their identities. Because it is possible to see all kinds of interpretations from the accessories to color lenses; from different haircuts to facial masks. Harajuku Street Fashion Types, which has become popular again today, is not strange to the Japanese people. For them, these youngs are no different from the anime characters in the city.

Harajuku streetwear is so widespread and preferred fashion, especially in Japan. There are Harajuku Street Fashion shops, even second-hand shops, and Harajuku Street Fashion Online Shops .

Harajuku Street Fashion History… Where is Harajuku?

Harajuku Street Style takes its name from the Harajuku district in Tokyo, the capital of Japan. However, this region was not an ordinary region before, of course, it was a carrier for the emergence of this trend. Harajuku was a street where young people gather at certain times and perform street performances. Later, the place where young people and street artists gathered became a place where people exhibited their style after the 80s. Even today, a specific street in this area is closed to traffic on Sundays and Harajuku lovers show their performances on the street, even a Harajuku fashion show is held.

Now let’s come to the messages hidden behind this unique fashion. I mentioned that Harajuku Street Style was born from the street and partly from anarchy. Actually, it would not be right to think that a trend originating from the street and anarchy is coming or originate from fashion. This is exactly the way people think about it. So Harajuku street style is actually opposed to fashion. Nonsense and incompatible clothing, absurd jewelry, irrational logos, irrelevant colors … Harajuku is standing against fashion’s compelling aestheticist understanding, creating uniform people, and imposing certain patterns on us.

Actually, it were.

However, some want to profit from even the most liberal ideas, are slowly destroying this trend. They introduce to the market original and distinctive Harajuku-style clothing. Unfortunately, we watch the collapse of this trend that we met quite late.

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