How to get rid of over sweating

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Is it possible to get rid of over-sweating? By surgical methods or some simple measures. In this article, we have explored and shared these methods.

You can get rid of over sweating permanently with ETS surgery

Sweat glands have an important role to maintain the heat of the body. Sweating is a reflex that has been developed for the removal of excess water and the lowering of body temperature as a result of skin becoming wet. It is a beneficial activity initiated by the nervous system, created by sweat glands, which we cannot control.

How often and at what age does hand and foot over-sweating occur?

The frequency of incidence in the community is around 1-2 percent, although it is higher in Southeast Asian countries. It starts at school age and is often thought to be a periodical difference, but it does not decrease at all

What should the people who over-sweating do?

First, an endocrinologist should be examined for systemic diseases. We know that excessive sweating is common in the course of obesity, diabetes, and thyroid gland diseases.

What methods can be used for treatment?

Dermatology and Thoracic Surgery specialists should be consulted if there is no other underlying disease as a result of examinations. There are many alternatives starting from powdered creams and deodorants, which are the most simple and easy but temporary because ETS surgery is a lucubratory but definitive way. No method should be called “this is the best way” and the others should not be thrown away.

Is there an operation to prevent sweating?

“ETS – Endoscopic Thoracic Sympathectomy has been successfully performed for many years. The sympathetic nerve branches that lead to “sweating” warning to the palms and armpits. This surgery is made by entering into the rib cage by means of a closed (endoscopic) method and disabling them. But today, different methods have been developed so as to be divided into subtypes such as with or without clips. Each subtype is administered under two general anesthesia sessions, one-sided or two-sided, depending on the preference of the surgeon. It permanently and completely eliminates sweating in the targeted area. Disabling sympathetic nerves does not cause movement disorders such as paralysis. There are also methods applied by Dermatology / Plastic Surgery specialists such as removal of sweat glands from these over-sweating areas or local Botox applications.

What should be done after surgery?

It is the right approach to stay in the hospital overnight after the ETS operation. The next day, if there are no undesirable conditions such as pain, fever and difficulty breathing, the patient is discharged.

Does the surgery have side effects or undesirable consequences?

There is a small possibility of switching to open surgery during operation. The complaint of sweating is eliminated during surgery; but sweating may increase in the back, navel, and feet in the medium to long term. When the research articles covering 500 patients and more are examined, it is found that this probability is around 3-4 percent, but the rate of those who are happy enough to say that I am reborn after the operation is 90 percent.

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