Duration of love. How to be able to extend it?

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Duration of love, is it possible to be able to extend it? Love cannot be solved, but yes, we can and provide that it will never end.

The spring term brings love to mind. The awakening of nature and the warms of the sun’s rays are reflected in the emotions. That’s why it’s called “Spring is different”. On the other hand, everything about love is curious.

With the arrival of spring, not only the nature but also the expectations of the love within the people came to life. Vertical sunlight in spring activates chemicals that secrete happiness hormones. For this reason, the spring that comes after winter prepares the ground for the feeling of love. The awakening and flowering of nature remind love.

A Traumatic Feeling

Love is a traumatic feeling that people have been thinking about it, trying to understand and explain, using literature, music, painting, cinema, philosophy, religion, and medicine, over the ages. Love is energy as the driving force of human biological and social existence. The energy of love, which is deep, complex, and unattainable feeling that one can experience sometimes or several times throughout his life. Love is shocking and there is desire inside. The desire for the person in love is the main criterion for defining love. It may be a bit assertive, but love is the aesthetic state of sex. Because sexual happiness feeds love.

Sexuality is necessary

Love is like energy such as magma or cracking in the ground. Here are the lists 5 main features that define true love:

  • Love does not want labor. When this feeling (i.e. love) really happens, it suddenly shakes people.
  • True love begins suddenly and traumatically.
  • A person who is truly in love cannot control his or her physical impulses.
  • True love includes sexuality.
  • In love, a mood emerges in which the deficiencies of the person are accepted.

Warm Touches and Surprises Can Extend the Life of Love

Some say that “Love does not end”. In our opinion, it is not true. We have to consider that the excitement experienced in the first 40 days of new love may not last. Here are some points to be considered for a long-lasting relationship:

  • Try to love and understand your partner as they are.
  • Discover what you have in common.
  • Value everything that is special to your partner.
  • Do not be overly jealous.
  • Do not force the person you love to do anything.
  • Try to understand what is you are in love with your partner
  • Be honest.
  • Allow your partner to express himself instead of trying to read his brain.
  • Do not criticize him/her or compare him with others.
  • Set him free, but do not forget to call and ask.
  • Send him surprise gifts. Always be respectful.
  • Touch him often.

It is not possible to solve the love puzzle, but we can extend the duration of love and provide that it will never end.

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