Drag Queen. A Satirical Stage Show…

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Drag Queen typologies spread rapidly on social media. Drag Queen is a stage show and a kind of art that includes satirical and cartoonish women’s behaviors. So, what exactly is Drag Queen?

Drag queen is a name for people who wear women’s clothing for fun or fashion, often adopting exaggerated feminine attitudes and social female roles. In this art, personalities are often created by men.

In general, drag queens dress up for the female gender role and exaggerate some of the features traditionally identified with women, such as make-up or eyelashes, to create a funny, dramatic or satirical effect.

The term drag queen generally refers to people dressed in drag style for performance purposes. These performances can include singing, dancing, participating in drag beauty contests, or showing off in cabaret and discotheques.

Unknowns about Drag Queen

Although most people confuse them with transsexuals, actually Drag Queen is a stage show and a kind of art.

Most artists are gay, transvestite or transsexual, but hetero men are also making drag. Because this is a profession.

Basically, Drag Queens use everything identified with female sexual identity in the form of exaggeration in their clothes and makeup. Exaggerated make-up, extremely attractive feminine clothes, dense and fluffy hair …

Their attitude during performances is full of humor but dramatic and impulsive. Satire is the leading role here.

Dressing like this for performance purposes is called drag dressing.

There are a number of non-gay men who acted as Drag Queen one-time in cinema or stage, but there are a considerable number of hetero men performing this as a profession.

Drag Queen aims to perform by wearing women’s clothes without any sexual tendencies.

The person performs as a Drag Queen may be transsexual or gay but it should not be confused with the performance.

Stonewall Riots

On June 27, 1969, Drag Queens played an important role in the initiation and maintenance of the rebellion in the Stonewall riots in New York City. Therefore, they have symbolic importance in honor marches all over the world. In the Stonewall riots, which have a very important place in the defense of gay rights in the world, the Drag Queens were at the forefront of the day-long protests of violent to homosexuals. According to the witnesses of the period, the Stonewall riots begin with a group of Drag Queen’s hands-on their waist to defend the homosexuals who are unjustly subjected to violence by the police every day.

“Drag King” is the name of the women who caricature the male identity in the drag shows. Again exaggerated masculine attitudes and satire at the forefront.

“Faux Queen” is the name given to female artists who imitate Drag Queen.

The name “Drag” is inspired by the creep on the floor of the long women’s clothing that the male actors imitating women in the 1870s Victorian era had to wear. Rumor says so.

The “Queen”, which was added for extolling, emerged during the struggles for sexual freedom in the 1960s. In short, they’re queens.

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