Best Dog Training Tips. A Complete Guide…

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Adopting a dog is a responsibility in itself. However, this responsibility is not unilateral. There are also some things that are expected from the dog for mutual happiness. At this point, the “dog training” comes to the fore. In this article, we wanted to prepare a comprehensive and detailed dog training guide for those who want to add a dog to their family. Of course, this guide does not include training for “search and rescue dogs”, “police dogs”, “guide dogs” or “guard dogs”. It covers the education of our lovely friends, that we share our life as a family member in our home or garden.

Toilet training

If we live with a dog, the first and foremost training issue is, of course, toilet training. First, we have to decide whether we want our dog to make its toilet onto newspapers placed somewhere in the house or we will go out every time after feeding. You have to decide this at the beginning because it is difficult to change when the dog gets used to it.

If we want our dog to make its toilet to a place indoor

We have a dog and we plan to live with it in our house. In this case, the biggest problem is the dog’s toilet needs. Because especially for the puppies, as soon as it needs to toilet, meets its need without considering the place. This will cause a really hard to tolerate odor at home.

The dog will make its next toilet where it has done it before. So we have to start the training by looking at whether our dog has made its toilet inside the house before. If the dog did not make its toilet anywhere in the house, we can start directly to the training. But if the dog has made its toilet somewhere in the house, first of all, we need to clean these places very well. Because, if the dirt or even smell remains, the training will have no meaning, and the dog will make its toilet the same point where it smells. This will be wasted time for the training process. When we clean the house and do not leave any odors, we can proceed with the training process.

Training Process

First of all, we should allocate a room or a suitable place in the house for this purpose. We must cover the entire floor of the space we have separated with newsprints. After this stage, we have to adjust ourselves to keep the dog either permanently or the times after meals. Because it will be difficult for most of us to be separated from our cute friend. In the first option, our dog will spend 4-5 days in this room. Even if it will be out, we must take it after the toilet needs are met. Now let’s continue to what needs to be done.

What do we need to do?

Dogs usually meet their toilet needs between half an hour and one hour after feeding. This will be a good tip for us. The room that we have reserved and covered with newsprints will be the place where the dog will meet its toilet needs. For this reason, we should put the dog in this room immediately after feeding and ensure that it stays here until it makes its toilet. The dog will make its toilet on newsprint eventually.

After making the toilet, it is our duty to take the dirt on that newsprint (but we do not throw the newsprint away) and to put new newsprint on it. We will repeat this process after every toilet. On the first day, all newsprints should be in the room. Our dog will make its toilet for the second time on the same newsprint most probably. Even if it makes its toilet to different newsprint, we should put that on the first newsprint in order not to double its target.

We must reduce the number of newsprints on the second day of this process. In the following days, this process should continue until there is only one newsprint left. 4-5 days process will be enough for this aim. When it remains only one newsprint, our dog should stay in this room for at least one day so that it can fully adopt the newsprint. Our dog must have adopted to make its toilet to a newsprint. In the meantime, after making its toilet during the training, the dog should be allowed to recognize the house so that it does not enter into an environment it does not know later.

The Next Step

For our dog, who learns the house and how to make its toilet on newsprint, the current stage is to learn where to make its toilet. You should choose anywhere from the house for this job, this should be a place where the dog can easily get in and out even if nobody is there. Because if the dog can’t get in here, it will make its toilet anywhere and training will not work.

After this place is determined, the newsprint that it is making the toilet should be taken to this place. Since the dog knows this place and newsprint, it will make it onto the newsprint when it needs. In the first days, newsprint should have an odor. For this reason, the process should be continued by simply cleaning the dirt and putting new newsprint on it. After a few months, newsprints can be changed completely. Because our dog will now combine newsprint and toilet needs in its brain. It will make its toilet on newsprint without the need to smell the previous toilet.

If we want our dog to make its toilet outdoor

We adopted a dog and brought it home, but we don’t want it to make its toilet home. So how do we achieve this? The fact that the dogs made their toilets between half an hour and an hour after feeding will be our main basis. At this point, we should be very careful about nutrition times. The first thing we have to do is to standardize the feeding times of our dog, that is, we have to feed it at the same time every day. Puppies must be fed 3 meals a day. This means that you have to take care of your dog’s toilet needs 3 times a day.

In order to get outdoor toilet habit for your dog, you have to take it out when it needs toilet. To do this, you must first find a place outside where your neighbors will not react. When we have determined the location, we have to take our dog out 15 minutes after every meal. We will release our dog outside, wait for it to make its toilet and reward it when it makes its toilet. We should do this without getting bored because compromising will cause the training to fail.

After every meal, the dog must be taken out for its toilet needs. In the following years, the number of meals will decrease, but our dog should go out for the toilet needs at least twice a day. We can set this morning and evening times. But if you have time, you can increase this number. Later on, your dog will somehow tell its toilet needs to you. This can be by scratching the gate or in other ways.

dog training
Best Dog Training Tips. A Complete Guide. (

If you want to reach more detailed information about dog toilet training, you can read our article.


Do not spend your day constantly screaming to your puppy. We have to admit that he was just a baby and a creature that could pee everywhere on foot. When you arrive home and see the broken places, and then if you get angry, screaming and punishing it will only cause your dog to lose trust with you. Dogs do not have associative memories. If you show it has bitten furniture or pissed places and get angry, it will not understand the reason for it and will just be afraid. However, it will not be able to attribute this behavior to its mistake.

So we must catch it when doing something wrong and get angry at that moment. We must do this either loudly and drastically by saying “no” or something else that will frighten it. It must understand that it is doing wrong. When it starts to bite the furniture or the other things at home, we should give it another toy that it can bite. Because while the milk teeth are changing, their teeth itch and they are looking for something to bite. Remember that it was a child until it was 6-7 months old. But never compromise on what it shouldn’t have done! Remember, stability is important.

Obedience Training


Your dog will learn this most easily. When it will ask for something from you, it will definitely come across you and sit. When you understand that it will sit down, you will say “sit”. Then you will caress it as a reward.

Another method is holding something that it likes and showing it. Then we slowly take it over its head. But we take it a little back of its head so that it does not try to jump and catch it and bend its neck back a bit to look at the object in your hand. Your dog will have to sit down to look at the object in your hand. Again, at this moment, we will give it the command “sit”.

We must give our commands drastically, and we should definitely reward it whenever it performs our command. This reward can sometimes be a toy, sometimes a favorite biscuit or just caress.

Laying Down

While our dog is sitting, we will again teach this command with an object or food that will interest it. We will show it this object, then approach its face (from the front). Meanwhile, our dog is sitting in front of us. As we move the object closer to it, the attention of it is focused on that object. We will lower this object down (to its paws), then slowly pull it towards ourselves. Since its attention is on that object, our dog will follow the object and take laying position. Again, during this application, we say to our dog “down”. In fact, this is an effectual tactic for all commands. We provide it to perform the action we want it to do somehow by getting its attention and we command it for the action at the same time. And also, don’t forget the award.


We take your dog near you, then throw a ball forward. When our dog try to run to the ball, shout with a loud voice “stay”. And at the same time, hold it from its neck or its leash so that it does not run. Do not be afraid of hurt it. Then we say “hold” and let it run towards to ball. Since the ball is its mind, it will run directly to the ball. We do this many times. After a while, it will start not to running without saying “hold”.

After teaching “stay” in this way, we take our dog somewhere in the house. We take a piece of food in our hand, but it will definitely not see it. We walk away from our dog by saying “stay… stay… stay” and walk around a little bit. Then if it waits at that point by saying nothing, say “come”. When it comes, we reward it.


It depends on the breed of the dog, but it is sometimes difficult to teach this command. If your dog has a dominant character, a self-commanded and at the same time a curious one, it will walk around according to its own mind instead of walking next to you. What we do is to call it “come” without showing the prize and reward it when it comes. You can do this by hiding in large areas or inside the house. Your dog should know that if it comes to you when it hears the command “come”, it will receive a reward.


In fact, most dogs fetch the object you throw back to you. If not, you can do as follows. You can throw a piece of wood or a toy at short distances and send it to fetch it without leaving his leash. By the way, at this point, we command it as “fetch”. Then, when it hold the object that you throw, pull the leash slowly to yourself and say “well done”. Then take the object from its mouth and give it the reward. Let it understand that fetching the object to you is a good job and will bring the award.

Walking With Leash

Remember that you will take your dog for walking, your dog will not take you. For example, if you have a rottweiler puppy and when you take it for walking if it tags you and its leash and if you overlook this situation, it will be worse when it grows up to 70 kg.

dog training
Best Dog Training Tips. A Complete Guide. (pixabay)

We take the dog near us, keep the leash short and keep it next to us. We make him feel that we take it walking. At first, it will tug the leash. If it walks in front of us, we will pull the leash off and say “no” angerly. If it gets too stubborn, stop at that point. Don’t move. It will try to go for a while. Never look at its face and do not show interest. It will understand after a while that it will not be able to walk without your desire. It will realize that it has to follow you, and it will either sit or lay down near you. When it does so, continue walking. If it’s possible, do not get your puppy walk outside without a leash. Let it get used to walking with you.

Generally Important Issues On Dog Training…

  • The character of the dog, features of its breed.
  • Your determination.
  • You have to be stable.
  • You should not get tired of the dog.
  • Don’t expect results in 5-10 minutes.
  • Do not try to train at any moment, it is also important your dog will. It should not take a dislike for the training.
  • And only one person will train it all the time.

Dogs have herd consciousness and each herd has a leader. You will be the herd leader.

Don’t feed it before you finish your meal. When you put its food, you will be able to take it back whenever you want. But don’t let your dog give the same permission to others. If someone else tries to take its food and it gets angry, say “well done” to it. But never allow it being against you.

dog training
Best Dog Training Tips. A Complete Guide. (pixabay)

It has to accept you as a leader. Other dogs in the herd, who come to the eye with the lead dog, miss their eyes. Also, the leader is loved by caressing from its jowl, and other dogs in the herd are caressed the top of their head. So you will love by caressing it over its head. If it bites you a little bit or if it hit your leg with its paw, it means a power play. It is a small leadership war. Never play that way with it. Surely, you will play the game with it but at the time you want. Don’t go into leadership wars with the dog.

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