Discipline In Children… How To Achieve This?

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Achieving discipline in children, in many times, can be difficult. The summer holiday means fun and mostly undisciplined days for children. However, many parents say that their children continue their summer slackness even after the school days begun and that they face many difficulties on topics such as sleeping and playing with tablets, computers or smartphones. In our article, we aimed to give you some tips and general principles on how to achieve discipline in children.

Correct communication and daily routine activities can be easily identified and presented to the child, so children’s adaptation to school can be easier.

Have A Talk On School

Have a school chat with your child. Talk about his or her classmates, the social environment of the school, the positive memories of the past school years, as well as the responsibilities during the school year. This kind of speech filled with love and interest both positively affects the child emotionally and makes it easier to adapt to school discipline.

Do Not Focus On Only Course And Responsibilities

Give him or her age-appropriate individual responsibilities. Do not emphasize responsibilities constantly. You can also provide him or her to meet with classmates by saying that the beginning of schools does not mean to end playing game they love so much, you can have them play in the schoolyard. As with all other activities, consider the wishes and preferences of the child.

Edit Tablet Time Clearly

Starting school doesn’t mean it’s going to stay away from the tablet. But don’t present it as a reward. When you plan your child’s time on the phone, tablet, and computer screen, include your child to this planning process.

Discipline In Children
Discipline In Children… How To Achieve This? (pixabay)

Plan Sleep Pattern

It may not be easy for children to adjust to school time at a time because of the flexibility of sleeping hours in the summer, especially going to bed lately in the evening and getting up lately in the morning, Therefore, show that you understand him or her, however, plan in writing going to bed at night and move it to an earlier time slowly within a few days.

Discipline In Children
Discipline In Children… How To Achieve This? (newsgram.com)

Edit Meals

Many children also hinder their diet during the summer holidays. But one of the basic rules of success in school and having a healthy education year is to eat a healthy and balanced diet. Therefore, take the time to talk to your child about this issue, inform him or her, and plan. When planning meals, emphasize the importance of healthy eating instead of junk food.

Do Not Conflict About Homework

Most parents conflict with their children on homework when schools are begun. Homework is very important for reinforcing the lessons learned. Not being too insistent on homework at the beginning, reminding them several times if necessary and helping them to do as much as they can complete can reduce conflicts.

Preparing written plans for homework, dividing the time into 20-30 minutes and taking breaks will also facilitate the completion of them.

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