What Is Digital Media And Digital Marketing?

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Before talking on digital media definition, it is necessary to understand the concept of media. So what is the media? Media is defined in many places as a communication medium. Has it such a simple definition? The answer is both yes and no. However, the concept of media is such a broad concept that it would be unfair to describe it in two words.

Everything we see in the world is actually a media element. Let me explain what I mean. Have you ever thought about how the sound occur? In fact, sound consists of waves. And these waves travel at different speeds and shapes in various environments. These waves coming to our ears are transferred to our brain as sound. Is there a substance that will not make a sound? I will not mention other sense organs because my goal was just to make you imagine the wideness of the media concept.


Yes, the matter is about communication. People have been trying to communicate and produce tools from early ages. This is why the media started to develop and change itself day by day. From the pictures drawn in the caves to the tablets and from trying to communicate with the smoke, we have reached the video and audio conversation with people on the other side of the world.

We developed and changed over time. And as the last stage of this change, the media has become digital. Now, communication has also taken different forms. The transition has begun from concrete communication tools to abstract ones with digital media. Microphones, speakers, and cables were now being replaced by paper and pen. This digitalization, which started with the telegraph, was carried to a completely different dimension with the discovery of radio frequencies and the transmission of these frequencies to more than one person at the same time. With digital media, people could now communicate with more than one person at the same time and convey their thoughts to them. With telephone, television, computer, and internet, communication was carried to a completely different dimension. People can instantly access the information they want from their homes without any effort. They were starting to communicate instantly with the people they wanted.

Well, was this enough for people? Of course not. People wanted to instantly communicate with whomever they wanted outside their homes. And, as a result, they have already produced smartphones that are most probably in your hand. These devices, which are in our pockets, have been our biggest assistant in communication.

Social Media

The concept of social media was born within the digital media, where we can deliver text, images, videos, and tools to the masses. Almost everyone, young and old, rich and poor, started to show up in these social media platforms and to explain their ideas in this digital media tool and reach the masses. For now, it is possible to present to our liking both a nine-year-old boy’s toys and the advertisements of almost all companies through digital media channels. So, how is it possible to use secure digital media that we really need in all this mess of information? Let’s examine it under a different title.

digital media
What Is Digital Media And Digital Marketing? (pixabay)

What is Social Media and What is Digital Media?

Digital media are the tools that people use on the internet. Social media, one of these digital media tools, is a platform where users can produce content and share it with other users. There is interactive communication on social media. It is a platform where users can be in contact with each other at any time and place. People can share information, feelings and thoughts, follow form pages and participate in discussions. In social media, every user is also a content producer.

People share the content they create with other users or groups. The widespread use of mobile phones and tablets and the ease of access to the Internet increased the time spent on social media. Users can access the internet and social media at any time, while walking on the street, at work, break times, during classes, in leisure time, on the bus, sitting in a cafe with friends, even in traffic.

With the introduction of Web 2.0 in 2004, users on the internet started to create content. And websites became platforms with richer content, have broader borders, have more originality and creativity. Social media tools are diversified with new applications. Instagram for sharing photos and instant videos, Twitter for sharing emotion and thoughts, Facebook for both video and text and photo sharing, live chat rooms, content sharing pages, blog pages, Youtube for sharing video and songs are some examples for social media platforms.

You can read our article to reach detailed information about social media.

New Social Media Concepts After Digital Media

With the rise of social media and digital media, new and important concepts have emerged. These concepts are as follows:

  • Publicity: Social media contents are shared with as many people as the user allows, or with all users in line with their permission. It is that the content created by the user is open to sharing, commenting and watching.
  • Mutual communication: In social media, users can comment on shared or created content, create a discussion, send feedback to the user, share ideas, feelings or criticism and be in mutual communication.
  • Participation: It is a concept that describes how many people watch, like, and comment on the content you create. The more views, comments or likes about your content, the more successful your sharing means.
  • Community: The users with the same interests and who enjoy the same things are gathered under the same post.
  • Connectivity: It is the enrichment and support of the created content with the given links.

What is Digital Media Literacy?

As we mentioned earlier, the digital media world contains a lot of information. Of course, it is included the wrong information as well as the correct information. According to a study, wrong information is preferred and used more by people than correct information. The main reason for this is that the wrong information is much easier to access and simple than the correct information. The reason for coming down to this simplicity is that it reaches the end-user by decreasing and changing from ear to ear as in the game.

The main aim of digital media literacy is to use digital media to access correct information and to use this tool safely. This is why we need to educate ourselves and then our children on this issue. The important thing during this training is to reach reliable sources (more than one if possible) for correct information and then to contact reliable people. This also applies to our children, to communicate with their peers under family control and to obtain useful information from appropriate sources to their age.

The definement of digital media literacy in a single list would not be possible because of the wideness of the media concept. However, if we consider the basic elements that we have mentioned and start using digital media tools in this direction, we can create our own direction as a conscious digital media literate and move forward.

Why is social media such an effective tool?

Social media is a platform where the number of users increases day by day. It is a very frequently used communication tool because the users are content creators, the exchange of information is done by real users and mutual communication is done. For these reasons, today, it is among the most effective communication tools.

What is the main goal of digital media literacy?

The main goal of digital media literacy is to learn the method of reaching the right one in unlimited information within digital media. It is also to understand how we can ensure our security in digital media. In this way, we can use digital media efficiently.

Why does digital media occupy so much place in our lives?

Digital media is the last point of our communication needs and it is a simple and fast solution to meet our communication needs. It is a necessity to ensure the communication of the globalizing world.

Digital Marketing

Digital media is a world where people are actively involved in the web, mobile, virtual or augmented reality platforms. The digital media world, where millions of users interact individually, also offers numerous opportunities to companies and brands that aim to market their products and services. For this reason, internet marketing, digital media marketing, and digital media management concepts are important for companies and brands and taking a part in the digital media world actively in order to benefit from these opportunities. In this part of our article, we want to talk about what brands need to do to take part in this world.

What Should Brands Do To Take Part In Digital Media?

  • First of all, you need to have a name for this media just like you have a brand name in the real world. If you can register your current name, you should never stop.
  • Then, you should set your logo, corporate identity guide and in-house digital behavior standards suitable for your brand.
  • You should then take part in all digital platforms. You should have a corporate website, social media platforms, e-mails, mobile applications. Also, if possible, try to use the same name on each platform. This will increase your brand awareness.
  • In order to be permanent in digital media, you need to create your digital marketing strategies.
  • Also for your web pages, create your plans on SEO, mobile location, analytics, internet ads, etc. and implement them regularly.
  • If your company is a restaurant, store, hospital, etc. ensure the availability of your location. Take part in maps and navigation devices and ensure your organization can be commented on and liked.
  • Be inside the sector with virtual reality and augmented reality platforms. This will increase your reputation and awareness.
  • And lastly, work with a digital media agency or a digital marketing company that offers digital media solutions. Thus, you will not have to deal with many things yourself, and you will strengthen your media world with professional companies.

The fact that digital media and social media are at the center of our lives has caused the emergence of new professions. If you want to get information about the professions brought by digital media to our lives, you can read our article written on this subject.

What are Digital Media Terms?

1. Domain: It means the domain name and refers to the name of your website.

2. Audience: They are the people to be targeted and all your followers in the digital marketing world.

3. Targeting: It refers to targeting internet users based on their behavior in order to be more efficient in advertising campaigns.

4. Brand Awareness: It is the recognition of the brand by users according to the effects of advertising campaigns.

5. Display Advertising: Advertising using visual and video in advertising campaigns to be created.

6. Impression: Data that measures how many people saw ads.

7. Cookie: These are the files that enable the tracking of internet users and collecting data about users through browsers.

8. Clickthrough Rate: Percentage refers to the clicks of advertising campaigns or links.

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