How to Deactivate Instagram Account?

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Instagram founded in October 2010 and is now one of the most important parts of our daily life. Even so, sometimes we are able to ask how to deactivate Instagram account. In this article, we have tried to explain how Instagram deactivating process for you.

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How to Deactivate Your Instagram Account?

As we said at the beginning, even if Instagram is at the center of our lives, sometimes we wonder how to deactivate our account from time to time. So, how to deactivate Instagram? In fact, the Instagram deactivating process is quite simple. If you’d like to temporarily close your account instead of deleting it completely, you can follow the steps below.

First, let’s talk about what happens when you temporarily close your account.

When you temporarily close your account, your account and your photos, comments, and likes will be hidden but not deleted until you re-activate your account.

Instagram Account Deactivating Process

What to make for the Instagram deactivate process is unfortunately not able to do through the mobile application. You need a browser for this. First login to

Then click the “Profile” mark in the upper right corner and select “Edit Profile”.

Deactivate Instagram Account
How to Deactivate Instagram Account?

Click “temporarily disable my account” at the bottom right and follow the instructions.

Deactivate Instagram Account
How to Deactivate Instagram Account?

Account deactivating process can be performed once in 7 days. You cannot open the account you deactivated instantly, you have to wait for 3 hours. When you reactivate your account, your photos may not appear immediately or may be missing. Don’t worry, your photos will come back after a while.

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