How to calculate daily calorie needs?

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Daily calorie needs. It is important to learn how to calculate the daily calorie needs for people want to lose weight. In this article, we targeted to explain how you can calculate your daily calorie needs easily for this aim.

What is Calorie Needs? Calorie needs are classified into three main groups.

Basal Metabolism;

It covers the number of calories you spend while sitting, relaxing and sleeping while you spend no energy. 60% or 80% of the calories consumed per day is met by the basal metabolic rate.

Calories Spent on Exercise;

It is the calories we spend with body movements that we apply during the day.

Energy consumed in the digestion of dietary nutrients;

This includes the calories that digest nutrients we receive during the diet. Basal metabolic rate is the most important factor determining how much diet can weaken. The most important factors affecting the basal metabolic rate are age, genes, body weight, exercise, body temperature, and gender. The rate of basal metabolism encompasses all biological events such as the conversion of substances in the body. For example, a sugar taken by mouth is like turning into fat in the liver and hiding in the fat store under the skin. If you increase your physical activities, you can increase your metabolic rate and your daily caloric needs.

Daily calorie requirement varies from person to person because factors such as age, sex, and body weight are important in calculating the daily calorie requirement. Harris-Benedict principle is used for calorie estimation. In this principle, the important factors are the nutrients taken equivalent to the daily energy consumed, in addition to the basal metabolic rate, which is calculated according to the age, weight, and height of the person.

How to calculate daily calorie needs?

The formula used to calculate basal metabolic rate:

– Metabolic rate in women

655 + 9.6 X (weight of the person in kg) +1.8 X (height of the person in cm) – 4.7 X (person’s age)

– Metabolic rate in men

66 + 13.7 X (weight of person in kg) + 5 X (height of person in cm) – 6.8 X (person’s age)

If we place our own weight and age in the formula above and reach the result we will learn our metabolic rate and the resulting metabolic rate from this formula will allow us to see how much energy we can spend while dieting. The most important factor in calorie expenditure is due to the high rate of basal metabolism.

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