Cuba Libre Cocktail Recipe

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Cuba Libre Cocktail Recipe. Delicious, highly preferred and often wondered cocktail recipe.

The Story of Cuba Libre

Rum is a delicious beverage made from fermented sugar cane, which is the main ingredient of many cocktails today. It was discovered in the 16th century. It is divided into white rum and black rum. The most familiar version of the rum is undoubtedly Bacardi. How do you think the Bacardi Family managed to establish a liquor empire by bringing together business and politics?

Don Facundo Bacardi

Almost all alcohol lovers know that Bacardi is rum, but most of the non-Cubans do not know that this brand was founded by a Cuban family and that this family played an important role in the island’s social, political and economic history. In 1862, Don Facundo Bacardi, a Spanish immigrant, set up a family business, by taking advantage of the fact that Cuba had become the richest colony in the world through sugar cane production, and developed a new technique to produce rum suitable for mixing with other products. Emilio Bacardi, the top heir to the company, was a well-educated liberal in Spain. After Cuba’s determination and success in the war of independence, he became mayor of Santiago. And then he was elected to the senate.

The marketing policy of the company, which he reconsidered later, is to attract rich people and tourists with beautiful music, stage shows, and gambling triangles and sell drinks. In time, Cuba became the capital of rum and Bacardi became the king of rum and started to be exported. Other family members who manage the company succeeded in gaining public appreciation by continuing the traditions of generosity, support to the working class and embarking on politics.

Shutting Down of Bacardi Factory

In 1960, the Castro administration confiscated all of its property, including the Bacardi factory. However, Bacardi has already opened abroad and established its production market in four countries. One of Bacardi’s first slogans: “One of the things that made Cuba famous”. But it is written “Puerto Rican Rum” on the back of its bottle because Puerto Rico is the biggest production place after that time.

The Name of Cuba Libre

After the Cuban War of Independence, Bacardi began to be consumed in a popular combination in the early 1900s: Bacardi-Cola. It is said that during the war a group of American soldiers sits in a bar in Havana. One of them asks the bartender to mix Bacardi Gold with coke in an iced glass and put a slice of lime into it. This mix attracts everyone in the bar that day, all the soldiers order the same. Together they raise their glasses and say “Por Cuba Libre”. That means that “Cheer for Cuba’s Liberty”.

The mixture is later called “Cuba Libre” and different versions are created: Cuba Pintada; It is made from a mixture of rum, soda, and cola. Coppertone; It is prepared from cherry cola with coconut rum and smells like tanning sun oils. Cuba Light is prepared with Diet Coke, Cuban Missile Crisis (Cuban Missile Crisis) made of high-alcohol rum and in Hot Cuba Libre, it is added to the hot sauce. However, while the legal objections filed with the claim that the names starting with Cuba mislead the consumer about the true identity of the drink are still continuing, most cocktails, especially mojito, are continuing made from Bacardi.

Bacardi, which is the main ingredient of many cocktails that we consume, fits in with desserts. You can also use rum for cakes, chocolate cakes and fruit salads. Many of the crepes you order in Paris’ charming cafes next to coffee or on dinner include rum. If you are going to bake chocolate cake, you should try to add 30-40 ml rum into the wet material. In your chocolate filled cakes, you can soak your cake with rum. In short, don’t limit your creativity to all your desserts which you want to add alcohol!

Ingredients for Cuba Libre Cocktail Recipe:

  • 4 cl coke
  • 4 cl rum (Bacardi Gold Rum)
  • Cracked ice
  • Lime – Green Lemon

How It’s Made?

Fill the glass with plenty of ice. Add rum to half of the glass, then add coke. You can garnish with a slice of lime and fresh mint on the glass.

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