Laptop Keyboard Cleaning… How Can We Clean?

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In this manual, you will learn laptop keyboard cleaning without removing the keys. We like to eat some snacks while using our laptop, and they often fall on the keyboard. If we continue to use dirty and messy keyboard keys to continue working, it will occur typing difficulties and working disorders. Dirt accumulated on keys becomes sticky and prevents typing. Therefore you need to have a clean laptop keyboard. So, how to clean the laptop keyboards and what tools to use? This is not a very difficult thing.

Required Tools for Laptop Keyboard Cleaning:

A list of materials you need to clean your laptop keyboard.

  • USB keyboard vacuum cleaner
  • Compressed air
  • Alcohol
  • Microfiber cleaning cloth
  • Brush

You can use these tools to clean the keyboard in order to start enjoying the experience of clean and smooth keys.

Step 1: Shut down your laptop and prepare

The first step is to shut down the notebook and disconnect all cables and accessories. This is to ensure that any moisture will not damage your notebook when you turn it back on.

  • Place a towel or cleaning cloth near the notebook; so all dirt and debris fall on it and you don’t need to clean the surface later.
  • Lift up one side of the notebook so that all dirt and debris are exposed. Shake the keys slightly to remove any objects that are stuck loosely.
  • Gently clean the keyboard with a cloth or brush to remove any remaining large dust particles, even after shaking.

Step 2: Use a USB vacuum cleaner for cleaning laptop keyboard

You can use a USB keyboard vacuum cleaner to clean the laptop keyboard because it absorbs small particles and dirt that are stuck to the keys and sides of the keyboard. These vacuum cleaners sometimes come with LED bulbs that help you find hidden dust particles. All you need to do is plug the vacuum cleaner into the USB port and gently walk around the surface of your laptop keyboard.

Step 3: Using compressed air for cleaning

If you don’t have a USB keyboard vacuum cleaner, you can use Compressed Air to clean the keyboard.

  • Buy compressed air spray from the supermarket and place a small pipet in it. The pipet diameter should be small to allow air to escape at higher pressure.
  • Evacuate air from compressed air, which can cause rapid flow in a short time to allow the adhesive things to leave from the keys. For a comprehensive cleaning, it is better to route the tip of the pipet to the sides of the keys.
  • You can lay your notebook on one side so that you have better access to tiny particles. In this position, apply compressed air to the keys.

Step 4: Cleaning with a microfiber cloth

As you remove all visible dirt, it’s time to remove the ultra-small particles. A soft microfibre cloth is perfect for this because it allows the particles to adsorb on the surface and cleans the keyboard from contaminants. Just a small amount of water sprinkling on the microfiber cloth increases its adhesive capacity. Remember to sprinkle only a small amount of water, as excessive water may leak from the sides of the keys and damage your notebook.

Step 5: Cleaning with alcohol

A clean notebook keyboard must be free of not only all dust particles but also bacteria and other microorganisms. Wet a little cotton with the diluted alcohol solution and then, gently rub the cotton onto the surface of the keyboard and the keyboard keys will be as good as new!

Be sure to follow these steps thoroughly and finally admire the clean and spotless surface of the keyboard!

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