Cleaning Cat Hair. From Clothes, Carpets, and Sofa…

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If you live a cat with your home, it may be necessary and useful for you to learn cleaning cat hair from your clothes, carpets, sofa, and the other furniture. In this article, we mentioned that the cleaning methods of cat hair from furniture.

Your lovely fellow cat, who has become a part of your family, begins to shed a lot during seasonal changes. After a while, your carpet, armchair, and clothes are filled with your cat’s hair. Isn’t there a way to easily clean these hairs? Of course, there is. In this article, you can quickly and easily discover how to clean cat hair from your clothes, carpets, and seats!

How to clean cat hair off clothes?

You can easily clean your cat’s hair, which you like to spend time together, especially when they adhere to your clothes and socks, with a hair collecting roller, also known as a pet hair remover instead of collecting them with your hand,

Hair removal rollers are practical and effective. To extend the life of your washing machine, do not forget to clean your laundry by roller before washing.

If you do not have a pet hair remover, you can make it by wrapping the adhesive surface of adhesive tape over your hand, if available in your home. So you can easily clean the hairs by moving your hand over your clothes.

By the way, don’t forget to brush your cat frequently with a cat comb, before washing your laundry remove all hairs as much as possible and use a tumble dryer if possible.

Cleaning Cat Hair
Cleaning Cat Hair

How to clean cat hair off carpets?

Cat hair is very thin due to its structure. Therefore, they easily attach to carpets. Although the most effective way to remove hairs from carpets is sweeping, you may sometimes not want to operate the broom. Although washing your cat is a solution, repeating this process often can be both weary for you and your cat. In such cases, the pet hair remover offers a quick and practical solution.


If your cat is shedding continuously and excessively, consult your vet for health checks.

If your carpet is long hairy, you can also easily pick up the hair with the carpet brush. But if you have a short pile carpet, you can use a mop instead of a carpet brush. The silicone at the mop pulls the hairs in one direction and helps you easily pick them up. You can use a cloth to lightly moisten your carpet for more efficient cleaning.

How to clean cat hair off sofa?

For removing the cat hair, the pet hair remover is a practical solution for sofa and carpets. However, you can also remove hairs with the vacuum cleaner’s couch tip if it is insufficient.

At this point, you can use a dishwashing glove to shorten the sweeping process. By wearing a clean dishwashing glove and running your hand over the couch, you can easily pick up the cat’s hair to a point. You can also clean your sofa quickly by pulling the hairs you collected with a broom.

As with carpets, you can moisten the cloth sofa with a damp cloth and then easily pick hairs with a mop. When picking the hairs with the mop, rubbing the mop in one direction makes it easy to pick up the hairs.

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