Cat Shedding. How To Prevent Hair Loss In Cats?

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One of the reasons for cat shedding is the lack of vitamin B. With vitamin B supplements, we can prevent cats from shedding. For animal lovers, the cats live at their homes are like their children. As much as we worry about our own child’s disease, the situation is the same for our pets.

Is your cat shedding these days? In the following, you will learn why cats shed and how to stop the shedding. It will also help you if you want to know if cat hair harms human health.

Besides the hair loss problem in cats, one of the problems we have is to give the cats medicine. If you need information about how to give your cat liquid and solid medicines, you should read this article.

Why do cats shed?

  • Cats need to be fed with the right food products. Poor quality food may cause cats to shed.
  • One of the cat diseases is internal parasites, get parasite treatments on time!
  • Keep away from stress as much as possible, especially in summer, haircutting is a major stress factor for your pets.
  • Some factors such as not combing, skin diseases, not fighting with flea cause hair loss.
  • Unbalanced hormone changes in cats during mating and pregnancy periods are some of the effective reasons.

What to make to prevent the cat’s hair loss?

We need vitamin B supplements to prevent cats from shedding. Eggs are very rich in vitamin B. It is also recommended by veterinarians.

How should the cat be fed with eggs?

To prevent your cat’s hair loss, feed your cat with one boiled egg in every ten days. Or give it half an egg once a week. In this way, your cat’s hair loss problems will end.

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