Cactus Care: How to care for indoor cacti? Do not let it rot, but bloom.

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Cactus care is the most curious and important issue although they are one of the easiest cared plants. Because the cactus plants are highly preferred plants. Especially the succulents, also known as “thornless cactus“, are becoming popular. They absorb the radiation we are exposed to and adds health to our home.

Although it is a desert plant that can adapt to harsh conditions and does not require as much care as orchid care or violet, there are also things we need to know about cactus care.

Those who try to grow cactus at home know that we can, unfortunately, cause it to rot when we do not learn cactus care and maintenance.

We wanted that cactus never rot, anyone who loves to grow plants in their home, pay attention to these tricks, and let cactus stay with us for years by learning cactus care indoors. So we wanted to give you cactus care tips and prepare this article as a cactus care guide.

If you want to learn detailed information about the care for houseplants that we grow at our home, you can read our article.

Cactus care in all aspects. How to care for cactus from pot selection to watering.

You bought your cactus in a small pot and came home. Now, in order to create a suitable environment for it in every aspect, you need to learn many subjects from the choice of the pot to watering, as in every plant. Let’s explain how to grow cactus step by step.

Cactus pot choosing: After removing your cactus from the pot you bought, you should plant it in a pot is a little bigger than the pot you removed. But it can be useful if you choose a small one. You should make sure that pot is drained, that is, there are holes in the bottom and with bottom tray. Since it is a plant that does not like water very much, it is very important that excess water flows through these holes and does not rot the roots.

Soil selection and changing pot: You will need to change the pot both when you first buy it and as your cactus grows. For this reason, there is a lot you need to know about this matter from soil selection to changing pots. First, put the bottom of the pot pebbles. This will prevent excess water from damaging the roots of the cactus. Then put the cactus soil consisting of a mixture of flower soil and thick sand to the pot on pebbles so that approximately 2/3 of the pot size is filled. Be careful not to apply too much pressure on it when putting it.

After this stage, wear a glove and carefully remove the cactus in its old pot, and put it in the new pot. Cover it with the soil without pressing on it. Do not do watering at the first stage. Do the first watering after 1-2 days.

Watering:How to water a cactus?” Before watering make sure that the bottom tray of the cactus pot is empty, if not, empty it. Then check the soil of the cactus with your finger, if possible, make sure that not only the top of it but also the inside of it. If the soil is moist, you do not need to water it, but if the soil is completely dry, you can water it well with plenty of water. When watering, you should make sure that the water does not come to the body of the cactus, you should only wet the soil. Therefore, it is useful to use a thin tip watering can.

Temperature, light, and humidity: Since cactus is a plant that loves lots of sun and heat, take care to grow it in the most sun-exposed parts of the house. You can grow them on window ledges or balconies, but only avoid direct exposure of cactus to the midday sun. At the other time, it is okay for the cactus to receive the sun rays directly. As for the temperature, the cactus that you grow at home will be healthy to about 40 degrees, above this temperature they will stop growing, but they can continue to live. Likewise, when the temperature drops drastically, like -10, it is dangerous for cacti. And finally, cactus do not like moisture at all. For this reason, you should be careful not to grow cactus in places with dense moisture, such as the kitchen. Otherwise, it can rot and get many diseases such as mushrooms.

Fertilization: You can feed the cactus with special products. But you should never use animal manure in cactus fertilization. Because animal manure causes cactus to rot and die, keep in mind. You should not forget that you cannot get the desired effect from the fertilizing process you will do in the seasons other than the spring season.

Cactus Care. How to prevent cactus rot?

In general, we have listed what you need to know about cactus care, but you should also pay attention to the following points so that it does not rot.

  • You should not water your cactus as soon as you plant it in the ground and water it first after about 1-2 days.
  • Make sure that you never water excessively, and first, you should realize that not only the top surface of the soil but almost all of them are dry.
  • You should make sure that there are holes in the bottom of the pot you use and excess water flows through these holes from the pot to the tray.
  • If you grow more than one cactus in a cactus pot and one of your cactus is sick, you should immediately separate it from that pot and prevent it from getting sick by transferring it to another pot.
  • You should make sure that the soil you use is suitable for the cactus. If you have doubts about this, you should definitely consult experts before buying the soil.
  • If there are situations such as fly, insect, worm formation on the cactus or in its pot, you should definitely make the necessary precautions.
  • You must make sure that the cactus is in an airy environment away from moisture. Otherwise, all these situations that we counted will cause your cactus to get sick and rot and rupture from the soil.

When Does The Cactus Bloom? Does Every Cactus Bloom?

cactus care
Cactus Care: How to care for indoor cacti?

Cactus are plants that can actually bloom. However, unfortunately, this blooming situation does not happen when cactus care is not made correctly.

In fact, if you are very careful about watering and lightening, especially in the care of cactus and provide it a suitable environment, your cactus will bloom once in a year. There is a period of approximately 1-1.5 months between the blooming and fading flowers. So don’t be upset your cactus flowers fade immediately in one month. This situation is its nature. Of course, it is possible to increase this period a little more with proper care.

It was time to grow and flourish: How to reproduce cactus?

You have grown your cactus by paying attention to all the points described above, you have made it grow and even bloom. Finally, you should know how you can reproduce it and we start to explain.

The easiest and most well-known method of reproducing cactus that you grow in pots is the method of root separation. Sometimes, as you know, a weaker new branch is formed that rises up from the root of the cactus. Even when you wait a few weeks, this thin branch takes the form of small cactus.

At this stage, the root of this new cactus branch, which is formed from the root of your cactus, begins to separate from the mother plant. If you want to reproduce your cactus, you should carefully remove the root of this new plant from the mother plant and plant it in a new, small pot. Then you can start growing your new cactus by following the cactus care steps as described above. That’s it!

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