Bridal makeup. How should be the bride makeup?

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The big day has come … Do you know what do you have to look for in your makeup?

The day a woman gets married is one of the most important moments in her life… Perhaps the most important. Of course, that day you will desire to be very beautiful and attractive. In addition to a wife who makes him happy, a wedding dress suitable for her personality and style, an appropriate hairstyle and makeup are of great importance as the expression of her happiness…

That’s why bridal makeup is really important. The excessive shade of the innocence and freshness of the bride, inadequate and not considering the environment (the importance of light, air temperature) can cause that make-up can fly immediately and the bride constantly has to refresh her make up.

A few suggestions from us for bridal makeup:

  • Rehearse beforehand. Learn the ingredients used by the make-up artist who will apply makeup to you. Bring your own materials with you if necessary.
  • It may be the best way to leave the work to an expert, but remember that you know yourself best. Since you regularly make up yourself, be determined about what you like and what you want from the beginning. So if you share the general atmosphere and how you want to look, the make-up artist’s work will be easier.
  • Do not forget your neck and chest area. There are a few tonnes of difference between a make-up face and the neck and chest – a terrible image!
  • If you are going to do your make-up yourself, make sure that the makeup of the mannequins in magazines about wedding dresses and general marriage preparations. If you like a style, save the picture and use it as an example. (You can also show the sample to the make-up artist if you wish).
  • Try to use permanent, water-based and water-resistant products. Remember that your wedding adventure will probably start early in the morning and continue until late at night. The excitement of the day, the weather, the emotional moments you have experienced will be a real test of the durability of your makeup! So, always use a stabilizing brightener on the mascara and lipstick that do not flow.

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