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Bedroom lighting ideas and recommendations are important because a significant part of our day is spent in the bedroom. But what is the best lighting for bedrooms? What should be considered for lighting options? Actually, for the right answer, first, you should ask “How much light do you need in a bedroom?” In this article, we wanted to give information about bedroom lighting tips and you can consider this article as a bedroom lighting guide…

When decorating bedrooms, the choice of bed and furniture comes to the fore and usually the importance of lighting is often forgotten. Yet lighting in all areas of the house, including the bedroom, is of great importance.

The bedroom lighting design is a situation that requires being careful and it should never be carried out this process randomly. Here are the bedroom lighting principles and ideas to be considered…

Bedroom Lighting Principles and Ideas

Size Of The Bedroom

When decorating the bedroom, it would be wrong to think you’re done by putting small lighting on your bedside and a chandelier up the hill. If your room is not extremely small, you should use more than one lighting element such as outside the ceiling bedside lamp, sconces, reading lamps, cabinet lighting.

If you want to save space, use sconces on both sides of the bed instead of bedside lamps.

If you have a seat in your bedroom, you can turn it into a resting, reading area by placing a floor lamp next to the seat.

The bedroom is for relaxation. Keep this in mind when selecting lighting elements. Try to choose things that will rest and relax.

Select All Lighting Carefully

In the lighting you choose for the ceiling, consider the room’s colors and furniture. You can easily capture room light with a switch that can be turned up and down. A crystal chandelier may be suitable for ceiling lighting. By keeping bed linen simple, you can keep the focus on the ceiling.

The point you will pay attention to in bedside lamps is whether they serve their purpose while reading in bed. You should avoid white light, and also pay attention to the size of the lamp. Another point is that the on / off switch is easily accessible.

If you have a work desk in your room, you will need a lamp for that desk as well. You can make a few attempts to correctly illuminate your work area.

The candle is also beautiful lighting. A few scented candles relax you when you are in your bedroom. If you choose good quality candles, you will not have problems like flowing.

If you have a makeup table in your bedroom, you will provide good light for your make-up with indirect light bulbs on the side of the mirror.

LEDs to be placed under your bed base, you can catch a different ambiance in your room.

Don’t Forget The Importance Of The Curtains

Don’t forget the importance of curtains in lighting. If you prefer to sleep and wake up in complete darkness, you may prefer thick curtains or blackout rollers for your bedroom.

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