Beauty secrets of well groomed women

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What is beauty in a woman and what are the beauty secrets of well groomed women? What makes someone attractive? Ladies always want to be a well-groomed woman. But why is it important to be well groomed? Being a well groomed woman means that caring about keeping the eyes on her in her environment. But how to become well groomed woman? And how to look polished and well groomed? Of course, this situation is not as easy as it is said. Perfect and beautiful hair, a shining and glowing skin, soft hands, strong nails, energizing eyes, and highlights factors for women who are considered for being looked well groomed woman.

We seem to hear that many women ask herself “How can I look attractive and neat?”. In this article, we want to share the beauty tips and secrets and tips of well groomed women for those who take care of being beautiful everywhere should know. Beautiful ladies should consider the tips and secrets that we gave as the habits of a well groomed woman and this article as a well groomed woman guide

However, while the internet, computers, tablets, and smartphones are at the center of our lives, we would like to mention the conveniences provided by these opportunities and recommend a few mobile applications that will help women’s personal care

beauty secrets
Beauty Secrets of Well Groomed Women -haircare (in-cosmetics News)


About the women’s beauty, the first thing that comes to mind is, of course, hair care. Shimmering, well-groomed and glowing hair are the most important factors that emphasize the beauty of the woman. For this reason, we wanted to start our article with hair care. We tried to give a few hair tricks and haircare tips that you can especially apply at home as haircare routine for a successful hair syle.

Whether you use professional hair products or natural and healthy hair products, (from this sentence we do not want to be thought that we mean professional hair products are unhealthy products)you are recommended to consider these haircare tips, tricks, and advice.

Care your hair:

If you apply some of the moisturizers to your hair that you use for your hand, you will soothe your flying and electrified hair. If you apply the moisturizer during the bath, you will see that your hair is more shiny and lively after it is dried.

Don’t let your hair get oiled easily:

If you are going to comb your hair during shampooing, comb it gently instead of too hard. Also, apply the cream you use starting from the middle of your hair to the ends.

Use powder to make your hair more voluminous:

If you want to revitalize your hair and make it look more voluminous, use baby powder. This powder you use will remove the excess oil in your hair and make your hair strands thicker.

If you see your hair getting gray, wash some of the powder you use. Because it can damage your hair when you use it a lot.

Before drying your hair:

If you want your hair to be permanent, let it dry for a while itself before you dry it with a dryer.

Find a solution to your baby hair:

We have a very easy suggestion for your baby hair like a feather on your forehead. Wet your toothbrush and comb the little hair in front to the back. Then dry using a hair styler to stay in place.

Protect the hairstyle you made in the morning:

You can support your hair with small hairpins if you want to use the hairstyle you make when leaving the house in the morning.

No more scurf

After massaging your hair during shampooing, dry it with a damp towel and comb away the scurf. You can also add apple juice to your shampoo during the bath. But after applying this mixture, do not dry your hair and let it dry on its own. You can now style your hair easily when you get up in the morning.

Style your hair easily

Dry your hair before using hair stylers like Biryantin. But it can still stay a little damp. Thus, it is both more comfortable to use and your hair will take shape more easily.

Haircare before swimming

Wet your hair with cold water before entering the sea or pool. Thus, your hair renews and protects itself before entering salt and chlorinated water.

To protect your hair shine

The only thing women with light color hair should do is to keep their hair shine. In order to get shiny hair, you should add a few drops of lemon to water and apply your hair after the bath.

Care treatments for your hair

If you want to learn about what care treatments you will use for your hair, you can take a look at the recipes we have prepared for you.

You may need to consider many different criteria to care for your hair. Even if you have dyed once, it is important that you perform care afterward. Even if you have not had dyed, you need to care. Because your hair is exposed to the sun, wind, dust, and chemicals during the day. These also increase wear.

How to care for dyed hair?

By using the recipes we will give you, you can make your worn hair look healthy. If you apply these recipes not only for dyed hair but also for undyed hair and you can make your hair grow healthier.

The ingredients to be used in the first recipe are aloe vera and beer. Yes, you have not heard wrongly, you can beautify your hair with beer. You need to mix half a glass of beer with two stalks of aloe vera. Of course, you will squeeze the aloe vera extract into the glass. You will add olive oil on it. Mix them all thoroughly and apply from root to tip of your hair. Leave this mask on your hair for 15 minutes. It will be sufficient to rinse with warm water.

Another care recipe is made with avocado. When you consume avocado, it benefits your body for detox. However, we will use it to apply to our hair. You need to crush the avocado and mix it with wheat germ. Then apply the mixture you prepared to your hair. The waiting period for this mask is one hour. After an hour, wash your hair with warm water again and complete your care.

When washing your dyed hair, you should pay particular attention to your shampoo selection. You should choose shampoos produced for dyed hair, Thanks to this, you will keep its color longer and help your hair regain its health. The prices of some shampoos may be glamorous, but you don’t have to buy them. You can also find products that will work for you among standard shampoos. As an example, Dove and Head & Shoulders shampoos will help you a lot. Color protecting shampoos belonging to Loreal and Kerastase brands can also be among the preferences of people who can keep their budget wider on hair shampoos. These brands are among the brands that have proven their quality worldwide.

Care for your hair every day

You do not need to prepare a cure to care for your hair. You can also provide care by making somethings a habit on a daily basis. Hot water is the enemy of your hair. It is useful to wash with cold water. Again, try not to use too much heat while styling your hair. The higher the temperature, the more damaged your hair will be. Especially if your hair is dyed, high temperatures will also decrease the life of your hair. If you dye your hair at regular intervals, it is recommended not to wash your hair for two days after dyeing.

Protect your hair from the sun. In summer, use sun creams not only for your skin but also for your hair. Take care to wear a hat so that your hair is protected from the sun’s corrosive effect.

If you want to dye your hair in a very different color, be careful to make the transitions gradually, not at once. Do not choose the ammonia content dyes.

Haircare with olive oil

You can also restore your hair by making haircare with olive oil. You can even make it better than before. When you start to apply the cures you choose according to the hair type and the care your hair needs, your hair will begin to revive between 2 and 3 weeks.

If you are suffering from scurf, you can get rid of this scalp problem by using olive oil. Apply olive oil directly to your hair and keep it on your hair for a while. Massage it thoroughly into your scalp. When you apply it twice a week, you will be able to solve the scurf problem quickly.

You can get help from olive oil for the fractures in your hair ends. Apply olive oil directly to your hair ends and let it wait for half an hour. Then rinse off with warm water.

You can start the day by applying olive oil to your hair every day in order to prevent your hair from looking mate and to increase its shine. You can keep your olive oil in your hair for half an hour and 2 hours. If you are a person who uses fringe, there will be some points that you should be careful about when you care for your fringe. If you have curly hair, you may need to blow dry your hair constantly. Of course, in this case, it can cause your fringe to be very worn. You can easily take care of your fringe during the shower by using hair care creams. Also, argan oil is one of the hair products you can use to care for your hair.

If you do not make anything to your fringe when you are at home, you will prevent them from wearing out. Even applying the cures that need to be applied by waiting 3-4 hours in your hair will be very useful in terms of protecting your hair health. It is useful to use moisturizing creams prepared for your hair both in the shower and after that. Take care not to use shampoo during every shower. If it will not cause much trouble, they will be healthier not to dry your hair with a hairdryer.

Hair Color Booth

In addition to what we have mentioned so far, we would like to present one more of the beauty secrets, a useful mobile application that you can benefit from.

When women decide to dye their hair, they often remain undecided. They want black color, but they think they will darken themselves a lot, they want yellow, but they think they will wear their hair very much. As you consider the mid-tones, the situation becomes more complex.

Hair Color Booth is an app that will help you choose the color you want when you are undecided. It is also very easy to use the application after downloading it to your mobile device. First, you take a selfie or open a photo you have already taken. Then you come across over 50 different color alternatives. By choosing the color you want, you can try the most suitable color for your hair. You can zoom in on your photo after choosing the color to look more carefully. If you wish, you can also use options such as changing the tone of the photo in the application, undoing the movement you choose. After completing all the procedures, you can share your new hair color with your friends on Facebook or Twitter.

beauty secrets skincare
Beauty Secrets of Well Groomed Women – Skincare (pixabay)

Skincare Tips in Beauty Secrets

Another important issue for women’s beauty is skin health. Therefore, in this part of our article, we would like to briefly talk about glowing skin secrets and how to make essential skincare and skincare treatments, tips, and advice you can apply especially at home in skincare routine.

Undoubtedly, skin beauty is one of the most attentive things among women. Skincare, which is usually applied with skincare products such as eye cream or skincare cream, are very important for perfect skin, antiaging and a woman to see herself beautiful and attentive. Women with beautiful skin and smooth feel very positive. This positivity reflects both her social and business life.

Undoubtedly, the most important and first process in skincare is skin cleansing. Skincare cannot be done without skin cleansing. So it is why usually skin treatments are performed after steaming if it is at a beauty center, and after a shower at home. For the face area, moisturizers, moisturizing facial cleansing gels or natural soaps are used. It is very important to choose the best skincare products according to the skin structure.

One of the questions about skincare at home is whether skincare will also be applied to the body. Skincare at home can be applied not only for the face but also for the body.

Skincare Tips At Home

Peeling; It is made to purify the skin from dead cells. It is a very good method for skin cleansing, but avoids peeling on the eye and lip area.

The PH value of the soap you will wash your face should be fit your skin and should not contain chemicals.

Scented soaps can cause allergic reactions and redness on sensitive skin. It should not be used such soaps.

If there are acne or blackheads on the skin, squeezing them will spread and leave permanent scars. If you want to learn how to solve skin spot problems naturally? you can read our article.

Those who have oily skin type should clean this oil on the skin before going to bed at night and in the morning.

If these recommendations are followed, women can protect their skin and make their skin look smooth by applying skincare at home.

You should also use almond-based creams and drink green tea if your body lacks water.

If you suffer from the sunspots on your skin, you can read our article on alleviating the sunspots on skin.

Beautiful Me

However, there is a mobile application where you can get help with skincare. Most women ask herself a lot of questions. What kind of skincare should be done, what make-up materials should be used or what should be considered for a healthy skin? You can find answers to questions such as “Beautiful Me” on the mobile application. After downloading the application to your mobile device, you open a photo you have taken and you start analyzing the application. After reviewing your photo, Beautiful Me tries to eliminate your confusion with appropriate care, makeup and hair advice. For example, after analyzing your skin tone, it gives you information and can advise on makeup products you can use.

beauty secrets
Beauty secrets of well groomed women (pixabay)

Beauty Secrets for a Perfect Face

What makes a female face attractive? Another important component of women’s beauty is, of course, facial beauty. So we wanted to devote this part of our article on face beauty tips.

It is not necessary to purchase expensive beauty products to have a young and bright face. Actually you don’t need to go either a beauty center for baby face beauty applications which is quite popüler right now. You can have a beautiful face by using the simple tips that we have mentioned below and getting a healthy lifestyle!

It is extremely important to look at your face. In fact, most people care a lot about facial care for beauty. Many people want to keep their skin tight, smooth and free from imperfections. Today, we will share some beauty secrets that you can apply to your face.

Over time we have discovered many useful cosmetic products for our facial beauty. These products help to have young and healthy-looking skin. However, you can also beautify your skin with the help of easy and natural methods, and you don’t have to spend a lot of money on expensive products.

Moreover, these natural beauty secrets are very easy to apply. They also minimize the damage caused by free radicals that cause early aging. What are the best beauty secrets for your bride face, let’s explore together.

Daily Cleaning

The first one of beauty secrets and even the key point of beauty is cleaning your face every day. Cleaning your skin can make your face smooth and perfect. Because cleaning your face properly removes dirt and other particles that accumulate in your pores.

You should clean your face every morning before makeup and every evening before going to bed. People with oily skin can use a moist towel. You should take care that the towels do not disturb your PH balance.

Purifying The Skin From Dead Skin

Treatment of purifying skin from dead skin has become a great option. This treatment restores the appearance of your skin and provides it with oxygen.

These products are designed to remove dead skin and any foreign matter. These include impurities located on the outside of your skin.

If you apply this treatment once or twice a week, it will keep your face smooth, shiny and free from excessive oily defects.

It is also recommended to get rid of blackheads, to reduce the negative effects of the sun and improve skin tone. By the way, if you wonder and ask “How to whiten your skin tone?” you can find the answer in our article.

Drinking water

Drinking water not only helps your internal organs, but it also affects the appearance of your skin.

Water is essential for increasing blood flow. As a result, your cells gain more oxygen and flexibility.

Drinking 6 to 8 glasses of water a day is important for your skin. Water keeps your skin tight so your skin looks both young and fresh.

Sun Cream

As simple as using sun cream every day, it makes your skin look perfect without premature aging.

Sunscreen minimizes the negative effects of UV rays.

As a result, it prevents the formation of spots, wrinkles, and sunburn.

Natural Masks

Using natural masks regularly is also great for your skin. It is also an inexpensive and healthy way to provide additional nutrients to your skin.

There are various substances recommended for such prescriptions. Among them are fruits, yogurt, and olive oil, as they are rich in water and antioxidants.

It is important to choose the most suitable content for your skin type. For example, it is not wise to use oily ingredients on oily skin.

Balanced Diet

It is also very important to follow a complete and balanced diet. It helps both your general health and your appearance.

Keep your skin flexible and firm by eating foods rich in antioxidants, vitamins, and minerals. These foods also reduce the risk of premature aging.

In addition, a healthy, balanced diet prevents the amount of acidity and toxins in your blood. Moreover, this is directly related to all major skin problems.

Face Exercises

Your facial muscles should also exercise every day. This keeps them tight and strong.

Facial exercise is an easy application that you can do to avoid wrinkles and sagging on your face.

There are a few exercises you can do every day. Some of these are to exaggerate while pronouncing vowels, stretch your neck, and purse your lips as if you were sending a kiss.


Doing regular detox is a very healthy habit. Detox directly contributes to the appearance of your skin. Be careful if you have blemishes, acne or a large number of skin defects. These are caused by toxic substances in your body.

There are several easy ways to clean your body. These include drinking water and lemon, green drinks or alkaline water for breakfast.

Usually, you do not have to buy expensive beauty products in the store to have a shiny face. Just use these simple tips and have a healthy lifestyle.

Other Beauty Tips, Secrets and Advice

In addition to the hair care, skincare and facial care recommendations above, we wanted to write down a few more small tips and beauty secrets below. If you consider these too, we think it will be beneficial for your beauty.

Dental health

Put the small-grained salts on your toothbrush to strengthen your gums. Then brush your teeth to your gums.

Stretched breasts without surgery

If you are being treated hormonally (birth control pills or menopause treatment), you can adjust the stretching of your breasts. Make sure that the products you will use include firming ruscus, strengthening ginseng and sage. Lotions with these substances strengthen the epidermis covering the breasts and give relief.

If your breasts sag during the regime

When women enter a strict regime, their breasts appear to be sagging from losing weight. In this case, you should make protein-rich regimes. Thus, elastin and collagen fibers do not lose their flexibility.

The use of acetone

One of the important points of the beauty secrets, according to us, the use of acetone for removing the nail polish. It is very inconvenient for nails to rub acetone cotton on your nail. For this, you can leave the nail polish in one motion after keeping the cotton on the nail for a few seconds.

Manicure secrets

It is not healthy to cut thin pieces of leather around the edge of the nail. For this reason, excess pieces of leather can be pushed back with the help of a small rod wrapped in cotton.

In manicure, never use a metal nail rasp, because your nails can be damaged. Choose cardboard, wood or plastic nail rasp. Especially, the nails you rasp in the same direction are healthier than the nails you rasp to the sides.

If you want to reach detailed information on nail care and manicure/pedicure tips you can read our article.

Starting the day freshly

If you are tired in the morning, you can drink a glass of warm water with lemon to purify your body from toxins, and if you massage your skin with mineral water, you will revive it.

Milk bath for hands

Milk is used instead of water during the manicure. If you rest your hands in warm milk for at least five minutes, you will see that your hands and especially your nails will get stronger.

Soft hands

If you want the hand cream to penetrate your skin better; keep your hands on a pot of hot water. Thus pores on the skin will open and the cream can easily penetrate the skin.

Unbreakable nails

If you want your nails to be harder, add olive oil and lemon juice into warm water and let your hands stand for a while. Your nails become harder than they are.

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