Apply Lipstick Perfectly. Here Is A Complete Guide.

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How to apply lipstick correctly? And how to apply lipstick perfectly step by step. Lipstick is an indispensable tool for makeup. A well-applied lipstick shows your lips plump, sexy and perfect. We have prepared an article about how to apply lipstick perfectly for beginners. You will find in our article how to apply lipstick for long lasting, like a pro and the tricks of applying lipstick

Soft, plump, matte or bright…

Lips with strong express are the first rule of beauty. No other cosmetic product can create such a powerful effect. So lipstick is the most popular makeup tool and of course, the answer to the question of how to apply lipstick properly. Always take the time to put on your lipstick. The more attentive you are, the more contours and colors will be lasting, so you don’t have to refresh your makeup all the time. With the tricks used in the right places, you can be sure that your lips will look great!

Makeup rules

– Create Right Base: Always apply your foundation also to your lips. The color of your lipstick will be more prominent on the neutral-colored base. Especially in light lipsticks, this becomes more important. Another benefit is that the foundation balances dried lip wrinkles.

– Draw the Contours: Draw the outer edges of your lips with the same color as your lipstick or a ton of light contour pencils. So you’ll shape your lips and create a barrier for your lipstick.

– Apply Lipstick Carefully: Apply lipstick with a small, hard lip brush. In this way, you can drive more carefully and color more easily. In addition, your lipstick will be more permanent. When applying lipstick, be careful not to cause it overflow the outer contour you have drawn with the pen.

Apply lipstick without residual

– Fix lightly: Remove excess paint to maintain permanence. Press a thin tissue on your lips, leave for a short time and pull. If you want the color on your lip to slightly matte, first run the powder brush dipped in powders over the handkerchief.

– Matte effect: The other way to give a highly fashionable matte appearance is to paint your lip entirely with a pencil. It gives a soft but lasting color, especially on flat lips.

– Shiner: Unlike matte lips, if you want your lips to have a sweet shine, apply a piece of shiner to your lips, where you draw the edges and paint inside.

Strengthen color

– Reapply: After pressing the handkerchief on your lips, you can use lipstick again. This will make the color stronger.

– Soft contours with pastel colors: When you use pastel-colored lipstick, make sure that the lip liner is not too dark, otherwise the contour line will come to the fore.

– If the lips are too thin: There are some tricks for thin lips that look fuller. Draw a soft line with lip liner and paint the corner curves of your lips. Then use a lipstick brush or your finger to distribute the color towards the center of your lip, or run over with a lighter lipstick.

– Asymmetric Lips: If your upper lip is thin and your lower lip is full, just draw the edges of your upper lip. Do not cause the contour overflow, as this often gives an artificial appearance. Don’t line your lower lip. Then apply your lipstick as usual.

Lipstick is a must!

– Solo effect: Even if you generally do not have makeup, at least try always to have lipstick. Especially if your lips are not perfect, compensate this situation with sweet shimmering tones.

– Lipstick remnants: If you do not want your lipstick to leave residue on the outside of your lips when your makeup is over, wrap the paper tissue around your finger, insert it into your mouth and close your lips. This will remove excess lipstick.

– Barrier trick: If you want your lipstick to be permanent, reapply the contour with the pen and distribute it inside. Then refresh the line with a skin-colored pencil. Finally, apply your lipstick.

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