Alleviate the sunspots? Don’t worry about them.

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Alleviate the sunspots. In the summertime, everything is perfect. Sun, beaches, warmth on our skin and of course the bronze skin that we cannot take our eyes off from the mirrors. However, with these benefits of summer, surely some problems can occur such as sunspots on our skin. So, alleviate the sunspots is one of the most curious issues for those suffering from this problem.

The sun’s rays cause brown spots on the skin. Cosmetics containing herbal extracts are also assertive in alleviating blemishes without damaging the skin.


Spotless skin is not a dream.

Especially after the summer, pigmentation spots serious problems of many women due to the increase in the amount of melanin in the skin and begin to disperse unevenly. The biggest cause of pigment spots in the sun.

Hormonal imbalances cause spots

Pigment spots can also occur as a result of hormonal imbalances. The use of birth control pills, pregnancy and stress are the main factors that cause these hormonal imbalances. Of course, there are speckles that are genetic and the reasons for their formation are multiplying with the sun.

Ultraviolet rays

Ultraviolet rays from the sun trigger melanin production in just 5 minutes and cause to continue for 36 hours. In addition, after 72 hours, there is an increasing wave of pigmentation on the skin. We evaluate this situation as “tanning on our skin” and don’t complain much. We even like it. However, tanning is considered a skin disease in medicine.

Permanent Spots

Prolonged exposure to the sun, is an invitation to increase pigment spots. Pigment spots can be found in the epidermis or in the dermis layer. While the treatment of the spots in the epidermis can be done, it is not possible to pass the spots in the dermis even with aesthetic care.

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